Seeking Creativity to write – Painting – Food – Mental Blocks – Mental Health Awareness

I have been going through a breakdown/ breakthrough period over the last few weeks with Blocks in my Creativity, Thinking about what to write & where to put it all in my mind…

And then last night after spending the last few weeks over my birthday period, having a little time out for my mind to take a few balls out of the bucket and create the space to think.

It all came to me… I hadnt lost the creativity in anyway at all, I was applying it somewhere else in painting and with food.. It just took that time for that to happen to put my writing to hand.

So to painting. Which Im becoming to get more and more pleasure out off when I get the finished work to my creativity.. Painting this time the living room off an old victorian terraced house..

Was Shabby now sheek. 🙂

Food, well it comes down to budget & what you can mess around with from a combo off Polish/ English Soup. Mexican/English, Indian English/ And a fantastic Turkish Nan Pizza base.

Here are some creations so far this week –

Painting – Living room & Stone effect wall around fire place & Cup mats made from left over tile pieces.

Cooking –

Requirements – Whatever food you have left in the cupboard


Bacon & egg with fried boiled potatoes

Bacon Egg / Cheese & Smoked Sausage Breakfast Taco Wrap

Bacon Sausage & Tomato Breakfast Nan Wrap

Polish style English Mixed Veg, Ham & Chicken Wing Soup with Vermicilli & Croutons

Indian Style Whole cooked chicken on the bone with CousCous.

Hots & Spicy Style chicken fry/roasted chicken with wings used in Takos with home made salsa sauce. Topped with Cheese.

Spicy Tuna wraps

Pizza made with left over Fresh Baked Nan from the bakery around the corner – The Best Pizza Base Ever made with mixed bacom ham Veg & Spicy hot sauce.

So to say the creativity was lost was bullsh&t. My creativity had just decided to place itself somewhere else to give me the inspiration to write about it.

The motto being that iff you are stuck on a project. Go take a break from it on something else and go back to it, or is it also because i like to work spontaneously on 100 different things at any one time to keep life interesting 🙂

And after doing all the painting etc, my mental health has got a little better than it was at a few weeks ago, my energies reborn, and thinking back to normal…

Maybe its that sometimes you need the creative space to work on what you want to most.

What inspires you?

Where does your creativity go when its stuck? Never say to yourself Im giving up on ‘that’ because im stuck. Go take a break away from it, get creative elsewhere, and then go back to it.

Take a look at the positive you got from taking the ‘time out’ and go back and have fun on whatever you where ‘stuck’ on and apply it back to it:-)

Oh and a quick thankyou to all those who supported The Real Radio Campaign in Leeds a few weeks ago. 140 pledges from the public to be more aware. Mental Health Awareness

With love to all