Removing Anger by Removing ‘IF’ from HAPPY

Funny I was lying in the bath taking relief from some hernia pain thinking how happy i was… Yes Happy.

It was then that Forgotten Voice told me again it was time to write about this and how ?

Removing IF from HAPPY enables you more Happiness.

Yes, you may be thinking wtf

I agree… So here we go about how to try and explain what I mean by this.

I’ve been watching the usual xmas films to pass time yesterday, and something within this also sparks what I mean by removing IF.

Yes it is very close to xmas and I imagine that many people(especially kids) will be thinking

‘I will be Happy IF I get the latest Leeds United Kit for Xmas( i will be happy to have this also’-)’

, …. so lets say on xmas day the said child receives the Leeds United Kit, he doesnt really care for the other gifts because he’s happy and he has his brand new Leeds United Kit. Their ‘IF’ has come true. The day is brilliant and they are full of joy and energy around everyone

So lets say the worst happens(lets hope not for Leeds United), and the child does not receive his Leeds United Kit, therefore they are unhappy because their ‘IF’ hasnt come true. The day is dreadful the day is horrible and they are dreadfull to everyone

(I hope your following this)…


Imagine that today we all say to oursleves that we will be happy in our lifes right this very second now ‘only ‘IF’ we have ‘£120,384,342.33’,

and IF we dont have this £120,384,342.33 we will choose to be unhappy in this moment right now, and continue to be so because our IF hasnt happened.

Imagine if (Self Talk otherwise known as- IR, ID, mind chatter, internal soap opera) is saying to ourselves that we choose to be unhappy all the time ‘IF’ we dont have/ do have this – or whatever else we have in our lifes.

Then what are we saying to ourselves all the time, when do we have chance to choose to be happy???

‘IF’ at all times our focus and self talk is putting a decision on why we are happy or not?


Ok I admit, we are only human and we all have emotions, yet in life, ‘IF’ we use ‘IF’ in our everyday dialogue (self talk) as a condition as to why we have something (any emotion) then that is all we are creating, a condition for ourselves to choose what our ‘IF’ condition chooses are our emotion to anything.

Eg: Im driving down the road – I see a man run in front of me and I have to brake

– I can make a choice – I can choose to be angry and unhappy annoyed because the guy ran in front of me because I chose to that condition that a man running in front of me would make me unhappy – The ‘IF’ condition – I choose to be angry and annoyed at everyone around me!

– Or I can just chose to be happy because the guy got safely over the road, it was no stress to brake, and im not annoyed and angry, im not generating that around anyone who may be with me or around me.


When we say to ourselfs – put a condition on how we should feel for no reason apart from an IF – How much time do we spend on this emotion or feeling towards this condition – How much time do we waste rather than just saying to yourself in all circumstances I AM HAPPY.


I am a little at discomfort because of my hernia, yet I am happy because I have warm water and am able to lie down and rest it when I need to… I am not unhappy because of the hernia- If I was choosing to be I would be applying more stress to myself for no reason, wasting my time on unhappiness because the IF statement got a grip of my emotions.


When there is NO ‘IF’ then it is just a case of ‘ I AM HAPPY’

or if you choose to want to be ‘I AM UNHAPPY’?

yet in this case where is the ‘IF’ and the reason of the ‘unhappy’ when you are HAPPY?


Anger & Unhappiness affects your health!


You can Difuse Anger and unhappiness by putting a condition of ‘love’ for everything what you have and have right in this moment in time within . Replace IF with LOVE

Be like Mr The Cat

Mr The Cat - Plush Toy Mindset

Mr The Cat – Happy whatever whenever

Be Happy whatever is happening at any moment in anytime, be thankful for what you have and more will come to you. Be happy and you spread happiness around you.


Try smiling at someone you pass in a public place say a train platform where people arent smiling rushing for a train and see how many people smile, and watch the smile spread.




It is xmas after all the time for sharing joy, giving happiness and peace.



Additional text 10/2/2015 –


So how was your xmas & new year?


did you remove the ‘if’ ?


I’ve just come accross this text within an email from that also talks about removing ‘if’


Check this out – with thanks to Veronica @Inner Whispers

Look For Outcomes That Will Expand You
     “In the life journey many choices design the path of your experience.  If one were to to question any individual soul while incarnate, the first answer would be a desire of well being and abundance.
     A feeling of abundance, however, is often elusive to most.  Searching for this balance outside of the self can be frustrating.
     “If I only had more money.”
      “If I only had a partner.”
     “If I only get this opportunity.”
     The “If factor” (The list goes on and on…) possibly can eliminate the ultimate goal or balance within, as the condition of “if” puts the power of creation outside the self.  Feeling the need of an additive can create havoc in the internal awareness of one’s energy
     Perhaps a more streamlined internal examination can create the atmosphere of choice in a more powerful way.
     Choose to create choices from a soulful perspective without any conditions.
     Look for outcomes that will expand your experience internally.
     Yes, your own energy can manifest quite well without all the “if’s”.
     Each day strengthens your thoughts to become the true creator of your reality.
     We realize that many will jump to the conclusion that outside influence is unavoidable.  Of course, if that is what you believe, so it shall  be.
     Why not attempt to stay focused internally to see what happens?  Decide to truly create from the canvas of your own energy.
     The probability of transforming outside “if’s” into internal sound creations does exist.  Simply decide to alter your perspective to do so.
     You are much more powerful than you currently know.
     Design choices calmly from within.
     As aspects of a higher perspective, you have the ability to design the journey.
     Know that  you can create whatever you want.  Not all of it is easy, but certainly it is complimentary to your evolution.
​     Attempt to eliminate the “if’s” and create from within.
     See what happens”


With Love