Plant a seed and watch it Grow – Potatoes

Help Us Help the beloved strays in Corfu

Help Us Help the beloved strays in Corfu

Plant your seed(s), and watch them grow…

Take ACTION on something and watch it Grow…

“Plant a seed and watch it grow”? – ……Potatoes dont need much help & prompt to re-plant there own seeds and multiply in there own growth…..

After a month over xmas the spare potatoes again in the bottom of the sack that were in the kitchen re-shoot and seed themsleves, and now its warmed up a little the other day I dug them deep into the soil outside to watch them re-grow – Now I think the 5th lot of potatoes from the 1st that went in to the same patch of soil when I started writing the plant a seed section of the blog ..


So to say again that this is one now of many Seeds that I keep planting and watching grow and grow…

To write a little more on this subject, to plant a seed – How do we do this? Its the same as gardening.

Place a thought – something you will like to achieve – a crazy idea and make a start on it – see what happens?

Without making that starting point your seed doesnt have the chance to grow – if its stuck in the back of our mind without actioning the seed then we dont give it the chance to grow –

I’ve had quite a few more potatoes from the first lot when I started writing Plant a Seed part of the blog, I’ve written a few more blogs, I’ve expanded my work and life, I’ve more crazy ideas to write about that we are taking action on at this moment in time, like doing a crazy drive to corfu in a ford Ka and setting up a combined energy healing hub and animal therapy shelter, we have planted our seeds. Our Action is here  Now all we have to do is follow it through and stay present to our seeds, and commit nurture and make them happen and they will. The same as you have to do with a few old potatoes that have planted their own seeds, nurture them, stay ‘present’ to them and give them a lot of love and they will give you more back

We are asking the universe to assist us, we are planting our seeds so that they are shared with the universe so that a better effect will come of this world.

Be like a potato,

Continually re-plant your own seeds… Make sure that we will do so also with our minds, and yet make that within a positive impact to the world

Thankyou thankyou thankyou for the fresh organic hand grown potatoes I have eaten in the past 🙂 I’m looking forward to more just before we do our crazy road trip.

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Removing Anger by Removing ‘IF’ from HAPPY

'Oh My George'

Funny I was lying in the bath taking relief from some hernia pain thinking how happy i was… Yes Happy.

It was then that Forgotten Voice told me again it was time to write about this and how ?

Removing IF from HAPPY enables you more Happiness.

Yes, you may be thinking wtf

I agree… So here we go about how to try and explain what I mean by this.

I’ve been watching the usual xmas films to pass time yesterday, and something within this also sparks what I mean by removing IF.

Yes it is very close to xmas and I imagine that many people(especially kids) will be thinking

‘I will be Happy IF I get the latest Leeds United Kit for Xmas( i will be happy to have this also’-)’

, …. so lets say on xmas day the said child receives the Leeds United Kit, he doesnt…

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