10/11/2016 -Quick notes – Peace – Greed – Reality – Real Junk Food Project

Hi All,


I noticed that i hadnt written a blog in a while, so today i was brought back to wordpress to write a few thoughts from the top of my head.

The world it seems is turning in emotional confusion at the moment in time.

Brexit, Trump, Syria, Crisis everywhere. The question is why is this really happening???

Power – Greed – Control – £ – Oil – Hedgefunding.

We must remember here what we are creating for our next generations!

Why are we creating generation after generation that is destroying our resources to pollute our world and create so much waste.

Heres a simple thought for you all.

Are you aware that the majority of our rubbish goes to landfill sites?

Are you aware that every day Supermarkets are contributing to this?

Thankfully the Real Junk Food Project which when i get the time I will give them more of my time freely to support what they are doing, because they are at least taking away some of the waste that is fresh and being thrown to waste by our supermarkets every day.

What I see locally being given to a local warehouse is a ludicrous amount of waste, coming from 3-4 local major supermarkets which are also recognising that their waste contribution for landfill could be made to better use.

Recently I have seen fresh over stocked bread baked on the day from M&S/CO-OP some which has not even been out on the supermarket shelves or shop floor being wasted and thrown away…

What the guys at the real junk food project are doing is great, yet they are screaming for volunteers to support them ensure that this product is not wasted, and distrbuted to local community areas where its needed most, and pay as you feel cafes so that we are at least making some use of this waste.


Ive recently come back from a short break in Croatia for my own mental health and feel that we are so backwards for supporting our local communities when as well as the supermarkets out there, your able to buy fresh and as organic as it can be from people direct from their gardens or houses, yet try this in the UK there would be to much beauracrisy and health and safety issues to pass before you would get the opportunity to do so…

Anyway Help us all, we all need it, its now time that as a world we start supporting each other.

Stop wasting, renew our energy sources in better ways, stop being greedy, isolated and become a community of world leaders that will make a better change for people as a whole.

Id overheard an elderly gentleman the other day comment that a war wipes out the week and is a good cleanser in the world and helps bring down the population!

What is over population? Why do we need to isolate ourselves?

Before the Industrial revolution people in the UK were free to set up communal areas and live of the land before this was purchased by 1% of the population to be sold and force people into a world of fear fight or flight, depend on houses, £.

What is greed??? 1%

Have a great day. Hope you enjoy the thought processes.


Love and Light


PPS : Ignore typos spelling etc, I will sort all that out when i publish this as a more structured book ‘-)


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