‘Oh My George’ – Top 7 – Recommended Coaches and Healers in the business now..

‘Oh My George’ –  It’s time to move on, it’s time to move forward.

Everyone rants Tony Robbins etc yet we forget to mention who else is out there in the business.

It’s #TimeToTalk about who i would recommend in the coaching and personal development and holistic healing industry at this moment right now.

Why am I doing this? – Because personal development, coaching, and holistic methods have helped me to become me again over the last 10 years, and I’d like to recommend what the following guys are experts at, and where i feel learning these skills and knowledge have helped me.

I personally thank the following top 7 who i personally recommend right now for what they are experts in there own fields at, and sharing there expertise with me so I have been able to apply some of the techniques that they share to myself. And will like to share with them abundantly my personal views …

Ok here goes.

NB: – These are in no particular order of preference .

First i’m going to go into the area of empowering yourself where is where i started learning more about myself …

In the early days my learnings started with my own personal development expert course to then be signposted in the direction of general business coaching experts and personal development experts…

Heres where i started my own personal development journey and recommend to you.

Bev James – The Coaching Academy (Personal, Business Development & Coaching)

I love the way that Bev and her expert teams apply really good coaching techniques to apply to yourself and at business level. . Bev is regurlarly in London and Leeds doing open days to allow you to grasp some great techniques for you or your business and to explain about how her products or business may help you. If you feel after that this is suitable for what you are looking for…

Bev is also a famous author with the Book Do It, or Ditch it,(which i have a copy of), and shares with her audiences great motivational tips and has been a great inspiration to me over the early years through my own sharing of personal motivation qoutes and mindfulness through twitter…

Heres some more info from her website 

Bev James – The Coaching Academy – Do It Or Ditch It

bev james do it or ditch it

Bestselling Author, Millionaires’ Mentor, CEO of The Coaching Academy and Director of Mentoring for Start Up Loans.

Bev’s personal statement is ‘to make a positive and lasting difference to every individual and organisation she works with’. Bev’s experience ranges from owner/operator to non executive director of not for profit and charitable organisations.

Do it! or Ditch it is Bev James’ best-selling critically acclaimed book, first published in 2011 by Virgin Books, where it soared to the top of the Sunday Times Bestseller List in 5 weeks. The book has a loyal following and is complemented with an app delivering ‘Daily Do Its’ to its subscribers (which you can sign up to below) Bev is currently working on her next book.


As CEO of The Coaching Academy, the world’s largest training organisation for coaches, Bev has founded several other businesses under The Academy Group umbrella including a Corporate Solutions business, the Personal Success Academy Online and the Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy, a joint venture with James Caan from the hit BBC show, Dragons’ Den.


So I got a good grasp of general coaching aspects from Bev James and a few other experts in this area within my early days of self and personal development and empowerment yet Bev James is the one who stands out top of my lists.

I then was pointed in the direction of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) –

Which from its early days was a bit stunted within its methods and thinking which has since developed with experts who I would recommend to be the top in the industry……. So here we go

Toby & Kate McCartney – NLP Experts 

Toby and Kate are great experts in the field within NLP and are a great couple to work with who build companionships and friendships within their teams. I realy love the way that they use there own empowerment techniques within there own relationships and the people they work with.

They also hold regular weekend free content courses where you are able to get a grasp of it this is for you, and become part of there programmes if you wish.

Heres some info from there website.

NLP Experts – Toby & Kate McCartney

Welcome! We’re Toby and Kate McCartney, and we have so much that we wish to share with you!

We are Master Trainers of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), recognised by ‘The Association for Integrative Psychology’ (AIP) and the Association for NLP (ANLP).

We met each other at school – when we were 15 uears old and have been married for 12 years now, and counting – and are proud parents of two little girls, India and Keira. We have a dog, a cat, and recently built a pub in our back garden just for fun. We live in a barn conversion in Scotland, but spend a lot of time running courses in London. We’re happy to surround ourselves with friends and family. We’ve been in NLP for nearly 15 years, integrated it into every aspect of our life, and it works great for us, as well as for over 10,000 people who have studied with us so far.

We offer you several NLP training and coaching courses, as well as FREE NLP Foundation weekends. Whether you need to learn the basics of NLP, like Anchoring and State Management, Language Patterns and linguistic skills, strategy and behavioural changes, Personal Integration and many others, to master the skills you already have, or to become a coach yourself and help other people, we will be happy to work with you.

David Shephard – The Performance Partnership

David is another master NLP Practitioner yet with more, he has learned many holistic healing techniques and has a great knowledge of timeline therapy and hawaian hono pono techniques. David has been in the industry for many years now.

I love that hes also a northerner, is direct, and has a great variety of additional knowledge and wizardry courses. I’ve attended quite a few of Davids courses over the years and still love what he does and recommend at least spending a day with him to learn what he has to offer you. highly recommended free resources by david ‘your best year yet’…

David also runs a charity programme to help support ex army service users with emotional consequences …

Check out his book Presenting Magically.


Heres Davids web page and a little more info from the page.

The Performance Partnership

The Performance Partnership is ready to be your partner for success. Our NLP techniques have helped thousands of people to achieve their personal and professional objectives. By understanding a few key principles about how our minds work and how we can positively influence the way other people see us, we can also open the door to amazing opportunities at work, in our careers, and with our families and personal life as well.


The Performance Partnership founder and Master Trainer, David Shephard, connects with his audience in a way that is inspiring and enduring. At the heart of his approach to NLP is a holistic process whereby students learn to replace bad habits and negative energy into habits which not only bring success but also magnify one’s capabilities and opportunities in life. The positive energy that he builds in his courses not only continues beyond the session, but for some, has proven life-changing.

Ok so i hope you will take a look at David, Toby & Jane for NLP…

Now heres a little something special –

Gemma Bailey – NLP4kids, People Building, Mentoring Media & Speaking

Gemma looked at NLP towards the younger generation, and the way in which we as adults can help empower our children and the responses we get from them.

Gemma set up and founded with Kay Gill, NLP4kids to train practicioners to do one on one work or workshops for schools and authorities to teach people to help them increase confidence, overcome anxiety and other issues. Gemma is a simple genius. I love her work. Shes so integral and loves what she does, and now has a franchise network and is the sole director.

She also helps mentor media and speakers, set up people building aswell as teaching NLP to adults and trainers, and is realy energetic and integral in everything that she does… Gemma will love to go out for dinner one day soon has been a few years since we’ve caught up and loving where you’ve taken things forward.. ‘Oh My George’ !

Ok heres more from gemmas site.

Gemma Bailey – NLP 4 kids – People building

NLP4Kids is an organisation founded by Kay Gill and I in 2005 and I am now the sole director of the company. There are over 40 NLP4Kids Practitioners operating worldwide. The NLP4Kids Practitioners offer one to one therapy and workshops to children, teenagers, parents and teachers in therapy sessions, community workshops and in schools and colleges.

gemma bailey nlp

Gemma – love your eyes

People Building was the first company I incorporated which provides hypnotherapy and NLP courses, articles, audios and scripts.

Ok guys, so im sure you’ve heard enough about NLP, NLP is a great technique for helping you build rapport with people audiences, getting to know yourself and others and is worth taking a look at to get to know what can stop you in life, and helps you to take action.

Heres a really great public speaker in the business right now

Andy Harrington – Jet Set Speaker

If your looking to master yourself in the world of public speaking then i would say that Andy is the go to person right now to teach you this. He’s bloody good at it, and incorporates some Tony Robbins into his stage presence and nlp techniques.

Go to Andy if you want to speak on stage its as simple as that is all i say.

Andy also is an expert Author with the book Passion into Profit


heres Andys page and some more info


Jet Set Speaker – Andy Harrington

Andy’s passion is in raising peoples earning potential by breaking them out of the limited mindset of how much they think they are worth. His Power to Achieve Weekend Seminar has helped improve the quality of lives of thousands of successful people around the world and is a must attend for anyone serious about realising their potential.


He has been invited to speak at the world’s most prestigious venues in Australia, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore and London, including Wembley and the biggest indoor venue in Europe, The London o2 Arena, where he captivated an audience of over 8,500 people.

Again i’ve popped into see Andy a couple of times, and been a part of the Power To Achieve weekend which not just helps you improve. It helps you connect with likeminded experts in the industry at the moment in time.

I like to research different areas, and after looking into holistic aspects as a way to healing within the personal development angle within energy healing, light working, and these aspects where everything is energy as Eistein qouted. and quite recently have been connected to

Emily Harrison  – The Akashic Academy (Ask Your Records) – Energy Healing , Light Working

I love the way Emily took her time to really get familiar with how they could help me look back into my spiritual history and work with energy and light to connect with each other. Emily is based in Canada and im in the UK, yet a quick call afterwards and the energy flow between communication is amazing.. Nick, Emily and Teresa mainly work via facebook to share there community. and through blogging, and to be part of it is inspirational working with people who are community to support each other.

Site stuff here

The Akashic Academy

I hadn’t always been an energy healer, per se. Not in the way that one trains for a new job. Until one day I did. I found a mentor to TEACH me to read the Akashic Records, a living cosmic “library” where, literally, all information is stored.


How Do You Like to Heal?

Seems like a funny question. Maybe you didn’t even realize there were different ways to do it…maybe you thought it was just something that happened to you. Nope. More to this story. Lots more. Turns out there are as many ways to heal as there are flavors at Baskin Robbins. And, as many of you … MoreHow Do You Like to Heal?

Ok So I think thats 6 people now? –

Ok I feel i admit i left the best till last, or my own personal favourite amongst this list


Sidra Jafri – Author, Awakening Facilitator & Healer

Sidra Jafri is someone who is out of this world, a healer who you can sense walk into a room, shes connected like no other person i have ever met.

Sidra who suffered her own past traumas works with such an amazing aura around her teaching you the principles of The Awakening, (must buy and read book!).

The team that has been built around what Sidra does is amazing, im still make sure whenever sidra is in London that i must be at an Awakening event. The networks and people who you will meet are so supportive and amazing. Working to help each other through whatever issues they maybe having such as cancer, bi polar, anxiety, stress, healing relationships, simply anything.

Sidra is a master expert healer, and has a vast amount of knowledge in remote viewing, timeline therapies, energy healing, meditations and much more..

Heres more from the website

Sidra Jafri – Awakening Facilitator

Sidra Jafri is an Author, Healer, The Awakening Facilitator and a much sought after Timeline Specialist. She is known for her incredible ability to dive into the human psyche and address the point of creation of the challenges that keep people stuck. Her passion for making a difference in peoples’ lives has led her to develop an omnipotent tool, Access Body Consciousness, which not only clears peoples’ issues from their mind but also from their emotions and spiritual body.

This results in healing their relationships, their money and spiritual challenges.


Being a seeker of truth, she has developed the ‘9 Principles of Awakening’, which are a foundation to lead a more conscious and awakened life. Sidra discovered and formulated these Principles during her years of personal emotional upheaval, financial struggle and depression and used these principles to generate results in her personal life and the lives of thousands of people whom she has worked with.

In the last nine years Sidra had facilitated over 100,000 people and spent over 11,000 hours facilitating healing across the globe.

She has now formed an online community for those who are inspired to live consciousness in their day to day life.

I am truly thankful and greatful be connected to Sidra’s team and groups, and there are others i wanted to add to this list such as Miles Grant – Motivational Expert and Theresa Warren

Its great to be able to give back to these teachers and mention them to have learnt from all the above mentioned personal top 7 trainers healers, coaches guides, therapists or just a really great bunch of people trying to make a difference.

We’re all trying to make a difference, and i hope that this guide from my own personal experience will help you make a difference to who you choose to see or follow.

If you will like any off the books mentioned in this blog please follow the links or click on the book images below.


‘Oh My George’ always a gentleman so lets have the ladies first –

Sidra Jafri –

awakening book             askquality questions           work on you

The Awakening 9 Principles           Ask Quality Questions                        Work on You

Kindle £6.47 Amazon £10.98                       Kindle -£2.39                                  Kindle £2.84


Bev James 


Do It Or Ditch It

Kindle £7.99      Amazon £12.99

NLP 4 kids – Alternative Author


Enter a caption

Keep It Clean

Free on Kindle     Amazon £2.89


Now for the guys

Andy Harrington


Passion Into Profit

Kindle £8.54      Amazon £10.13

David Shephard


Presenting Magically

Kindle £11.39     Amazon £11.99     Hardback £25

‘Oh My George’ You must Buy these must read recommended books. Worth 100x what you will pay for the book


Thankyou Love & Light


Disclaimer- Please note prices may vary from date of publication of post











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