‘Oh My George’ – Who I Am – A Poem By Bevell Niles

‘Oh My George’ –  Who I Am – A Poem By Bevell Niles.


Whilst I look at who Who I Am,

and who I know I Am.

Seeing them in two different categories,

and then we see I Am.


The Best.

The Greatest.

The Best I Can Be.


But doing this as we chase those people, we know we. . .

would rather be.


Looking outside of them,

instead off looking internally, so that we can see those parts of me,

that associate with he,

that associate with she,

that associate with those people that we know we truly be . . .


As we go on this journey to travel.


Come with me,


So that we can see how this story unravels,

and we continue on this journey to travel as we take footsteps,

so that we can weep and wept and celebrate together,

because it’s the floor that we continue to sweep,

continues to be the one that hurts our feet.


Whilst the sun radiates and continues to heat,

whilst we do this,

and maybe even retreat,

run for cover,

hide under the shelter so that we can be the ones that enjoy this weather,

when it swealters,

reaping the crops of the fruits,

whilst we do this and we continue to shoot.


With our aims set high, so that we can reach the skies.

Beyond the skies to the moon and the stars that we see.


Shining bright in the sky.

So that we can truly be,

those parts of us we truly see.


Acknowledging the parts of us that are seen by those outside of me.

Outside of I,

Outside of them,


and then we wonder why so many of us continue to die a little more inside,


whilst we continue to hide behind this shield of pride,

if you would like to decide or maybe decide our answers,

so that we can see that prayers were what take us on the steps to the stairs,

so that we can declare that we are here.


Because we share, so maybe that’s food for thought as we deliberate.


And share the same air.


With great thanks to Bevell


If you will like to here more from Bevell Niles


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