‘Oh My George’ – I Am – A Poem By Bevell Niles

‘Oh My George’

Here’s our resident poet bringing wondrous words of flare, and thoughts for you to share.


I Am – A Poem By Bevell Niles.


I am.


As we dissect the day in half, and then half again,

Split them into four paths as we go down roads that didn’t seem to end,

But continue the next day as we grow,

Continue the next day as we continue to show,

But there are parts of us,

That we saw.


A month ago, a day ago, an hour ago.

We are left in the spaces which created the space that we live in today,

As we go on this, and we continue to play.


Bow down to our knees, put our hands together and pray…

For a brighter day.


Because we all see this coming our way,


But sometimes the Visions that we see, don’t allow us to be the people we truly be,

But instead the people that we think outside of us want to see.


Stood up front, stood up straight, back straight, hair combed.

So that we can go in this type of zone,

And then re re-tone, whilst we listen to those tones.


Which deafen he, and deafen she



We feel not inside, where our body continues to pump this blood, which like cyanide.

Whilst we commit suicide, whilst we live in those hours which continue to give.


The Power, the Strength, the Abundance, the grief.

Whilst we look to put ourselves into a new feeling of place.


A new feeling of race, a new feeling which we continue to chase, but never see,

that we have to ERASE to CLEAR SPACE

so that WE can continue on this vessel, which we live in.


If you will like us to continue delivering.

Then maybe it is time that we looked inside to see which rules we choose to abide,

And see which peaces of us we choose to hide.


Instead of wearing them in acceptance,

and then if you will like, for us to decide on which path to follow.


Lets go back to the beginning of this peace where I dissected the day into two,

and then two again, leaving four parts,

and then six with this story that continues to never end,


On this journey off life.


Let that be your food for thought.


With great thanks to Bevell


If you will like to here more from Bevell Niles


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