‘Oh My George’ ‘This Journey’ – A Poem By Bevell Niles

‘Oh My George’

Oh My George, Oh My George,

Its time to showcase my fabulous friend Bevell Niles again with his words of connected wisdom through poem

It appears we are beginning to develop quite a theme here from Bevell

Who I Am‘, ‘I am‘, Yes We Are and now….


This Journey – by Bevell Niles


Come with me on this journey.

This journey where we search deep inside,

and even further. . .

than we have been before.


Because we are together,

and we have the strength to explore.


Those deepest depths,

those lowest points,

those paths that make us want to. . .

dis form and dis joint.


But then when we come together,

as sisters and brothers,

who are uniting,

with mothers and fathers,

among’st the stars that have given birth to us.


Those little dreams. . .

that ignited inside of us,

so that we could explore and desire.


Those parts that kept the fire internal,

inside of us,

kept it burning brightly,

kept us inside of us,

and united tightly,

knitted like stitches,

on our clothes that we wear.


So that we could keep ourselves. . .


Keep ourselves. . .

at home,


Keep ourselves resolved and then,

when we explode,

or maybe take a moment out,

so that we can,

unscramble and decode,

these journeys which we explore.


Whilst we find ourselves,

sometimes feeling poor.


Which maybe would seem. . .

like the opposite of abundance.


But as we continue to burst at the seems,

Because the pain sometimes is to much.


But we do not understand that,

if we do not express,

or distrust,

if we do not express,

or maybe invest trust,

that maybe we will not see. . .

that we have left ourselves with us.


Continuing on this journey,

where we combust,

and we use so many flammable words,

those people over there would maybe

have decided to hit the curb.


The curb which united us,

the curb which we once stood on,


Now separates us,


On this journey,

where you learn from me,

as i learn from you,

and we continue to wade through.


Whilst we appear to be knee deep.

Whilst we walk to the peet of our feet.


Listening to the sound to unite us,

around this world.


But they want to fight us,

and when i say they,

there are those thoughts. . .

within our heads

that tell us that we are not good enough,

and we would be better off,

in bed,

resting half dead. . .


But now we continue

to raise,

from those places where we slumber,

in this sometimes maybe resonating queue

As a Cucumber.


(Bevell please let me know it is Cucumber ‘-)


With Love

If you will like to here more from Bevell Niles


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