‘Oh My George’ – #Cheltenham Gold Cup – Definately Red Bring home Joy to Yorkshire – Colour Therapy – Love – #Timfanaya

‘Oh My George’

Ok Im going to make this as short and sweet as possible. As again this is being written in the moment in thought about Colour, as watching the 1410 picking 6 for fun since 6 are being paid for places in this race with some bookmakers for a little fun and abundance.

Spirit of the games – Because its all a game.

Flying Tiger – For Malcolm the Highlander in Heaven.

Moon Racer – Because I like the name.

Lagos to Vegas – Because who knows i’ve been to lagos portugal why not maybe the universe will send me to vegas next ?

Spirit of the games – Because life is a game, and it’s what you make of it that counts.

Mohayeed – The language of the name is calling at me, and its the stable mate of Spirit of the games.

The race has just finished and Mohayeed won @ 33/1, so thats a good start to today and because the intention was to have fun, play and write a letter to money to bring abundance with love, which amazingly was what the commentator said after Mohayeed won, bringing love to the fesitval at Cheltenham today.

Which simply is what life is about and to enjoy. To share the love and positive thoughts and things with people, and the outcome can only work out that way.

Oh My George –

Isn’t it amazing that i had written above that the language of the name was calling at me for the winner!

Winner 33/1 – Mohayeed

LagostoVegas – Placed 20/1 (=4/1)

Spirit of the games placed 12/1 (=2.4/1)

The intention of this first bet was to get the initial stake money back.

Ok the intention for the next race is to play with the change and see what the day brings….

Previously I’ve mentioned a Forgotten Voice when writng about Goodwood, and where this has tempted my forgotten voice to want to write.

I’ve just returned from a quick break for my own mental health aswell as some online Study around Love, Numerology, Colour and Sound Therapy techniques whilst with a friend in Lanzarote the land of Timfanaya and fire, Air, Water and Earth.

To heal and lift my own energy levels.

Focusing on Red and using chakral energies.

I will love for #Definately #Red to bring home a Win or a Place for Yorkshire in the #Cheltenham #Gold #Cup sharing the Love and Energy.


My love goes to the owners of Sandsend. Everything is Energy.

1440 – No spell checks ‘-) It is not the spelling that you use, its the language and understanding of the words you use, that have the intention of what you make or do of things in the moment you choose to do them in.

Here’s a few books to check out that are really great for personal development, inspiration, colour and sound therapy.

Highly recomment The Awakening #WorkonYou #Divine

Watch out for my upcoming book

Life is a Poetic Dream, maybe this is the winner at 1450


Make sure you will check out and buy these personal development books 

Follow the links or click on the book title to Buy via Amazon.

Sidra Jafri –

awakening book             askquality questions           work on you

The Awakening 9 Principles           Ask Quality Questions                        Work on You

Kindle £6.47 Amazon £10.98                       Kindle -£2.39                                  Kindle £2.84


Bev James 


Do It Or Ditch It

Louise Hay


Heal Your Life

from £5 kindle and paperback – hardback £15


Kindle £7.99      Amazon £12.99

NLP 4 kids – Alternative Author


Enter a caption

Keep It Clean

Free on Kindle     Amazon £2.89


Now for the guys

Andy Harrington


Passion Into Profit

Kindle £8.54      Amazon £10.13

David Shephard


Presenting Magically

Kindle £11.39     Amazon £11.99     Hardback £25

George Boyle


‘Oh My George’ Guide to Top Healers

Kindle £0.00 Amazon £2.99


‘Oh My George’ You will get back 100*** what you pay for these books in abundance


Thankyou Love & Light


Disclaimer- Please note prices may vary from date of publication of post











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