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What do I mean by this ?

I realise that within my blogs and possibly my book there are typos, there is grammar errors etc.

And yet does this put you off from reading the content and understanding its meanings?

In some instances it is enough off a reason for some people to not even open the book when its cover displays this.

Have you ever thought that maybe it may be the reason an author has done this to grab your attention to it, or maybe that the author or writer is so overwhelmed by other things that they will love someone to come and give support to the amazing content and work they are trying to achieve and the message i am putting out there to the world within my words in conscious thought flow.

We as humans often react in fear and give excuses in the words with people to actually engage with them in positive ways.

We create words and content which can push people away in the words we use, then we only react to the words we use, and then we only get the outcome we create from the words and thoughts we use to each other.

I love my amazing friend for prompting me to write this, because all i hear in words at times are excuses for interaction which follows a reaction off no interaction then an action off no interaction.

And i become frustrated at this and ask them to ask them what they are doing to themselves or to what sort off outcome they are looking for from life when they are only creating blocks in thought which are then being communicated in words, creating that action and reaction from the person creating the dis empowering thought forms.

I was having a bad day, i’m awaiting a tooth out and its been creating enough distraction in thought as well as a weird anxiety or energy day  so i reached out to my friend. This friend didn’t focus on the words i was expressing or wasn’t compassionate in response to say hey how can i make your day better.

The communication went to crap because my friend wasn’t focusing on how to create a positive communication with me and they then made a decision to close communication because they reacted with an excuse off judgement and words which were creating more stress and anxiety towards me which created a conversation flow off nothing and a nill outcome.

Why did this happen?

Because that person didn’t react towards the other person with compassion and love, only with a thought flow and reaction that in words to blame the other person for reaching out to them, to use words to close down the conversation and to make them to blame for having a bad mental health day.

So what can we do to ensure when someone says there having a bad day.

So that we react in a way towards them in words which is focused on helping them get through that.

Rather than judging them for them contacting you, for wanting someone to reach out to because they were having a bad day, they weren’t coping well with there mental health that day. and then making the conversation about you and how the person who had reached out for support was wrong for doing so and not to focus in the moment to ease the anxiety off the other person or to create the love in the communication.

You don’t read a book by its cover.

The content is within it.

Yet if you are only looking for a bad communication or an excuse to judge the book by its cover then your not really taking the time to read it, nor are making the effort or focus to find out what is within it. Your only making an excuse in your own thoughts because that book created a negative thought about it to open it up or delve inside and loose your fear in loving the book.

How can we re frame the way we think and react towards other people ?

So that we create empowering communications that makes each other feel great.

And never to place a negative judgement which will shut down a conversation.

How can we react better towards people when they are stressed and anxious ?

Yet if you are to make an excuse for helping them deal with that, then how are you actually supporting them get through this. When you are to react in a way off Judgement about the way they are reacting rather than to recognise.

Sometimes all you have to say is. Hey I love you. Everything will be Ok.

Recognise where you place Judgement on things.

Here’s a gem from Season 5 Session 1 of Conscious Upgrade Chat

Has anybody else been going through this phase in life where the doubt is infiltrated so much that our relationship with our goals, our relationship with our desires …

Our relationship with life is so confusing because one minute you want to be the healer the facilitator, the care giver, on another minute you have to pay the bills, and another minute you have to do the social responsibility, and another minute you have to go and look after yourself…

… And before you know it we keep circling around ticking the checklist off what needs to be doing without really stopping and saying

‘Where am I loosing my time in confusion ?‘ #GEM


When your mind is out of the comfort zone.

Sometimes we need to say we need to do this so we can have better things in our life.

Fear is all about lack off understanding.. When we don’t understand it we react in a way that pushes people away for no reason or to isolate things from our life’s.

When we react with compassion and #NoJudgement we then stop reacting with fear and allow the universe to take control off our life’s.

Because then we aren’t creating the thoughts or words that stop us from creating a magical life or one with people around us that are also trying to focus our thoughts that way.

Connect with people and build confidence within them.

When someone reaches out to say they are having a bad day.

Don’t make them to blame for this. Accept them with love and communicate in a way to ease there anxiety or stress

When we understand this inner voice in our heads which is stopping us from moving forwards and creating amazing positive times and experiences with people.

We then create the positive and amazing times with the people we share our times with.

Society casts a huge issue around the way we need to react around mental health or stress, its created so much Fear between people that people are creating excuses between themselves for reacting towards each other with love, understanding and compassion.

So next time someone reaches out to you and says there having a bad day.

‘Fear’  in thought with ‘Logic’

and your

‘Self Doubt’ within your thoughts with Compassion.

To make sure that you interact with the people around you to give them love and compassion.

Not a viewpoint about the fear that they are creating in there thoughts as an excuse for you to react in a way towards each other that is not off love and compassion.

When you replace fear with Love you create that for yourself and the people you share your time with.

When someone messages and reaches out and saying there having a bad day.

Don’t isolate them and be fearful too respond or act with no love towards how they are feeling. This causes more anxiety. more panic in the moment for them. More reason for them to want to reach out for support from you. More transference off pressure (TOP)

When a person is reacting with anxiety or having a bad day they need a response that is reassuring and to help them get through that moment.

Sometimes this can be overwhelming i admit.

And yet if you think in a way that this person is overwhelming you, you then react in that way towards them. you say this in communication and make them to blame for reaching out.

How can you ever expect to receive love from anyone if you are to react in a way that pushes love away and is only making them to blame for doing nothing wrong apart from reaching out for support? And you responding in a way to not give that to them or excuse there bad mental health day as an excuse that you can’t cope with it, which is only you saying to yourself i cant be arsed to make the effort to support them.

Don’t react in a way to blame them for calling you this creates more stress.

Take responsibility off the words you use towards the people you encounter in your life

Sometimes you have to lie to yourself so we can speak the truth off where we want to be.

The more we consistently work on ourselves  and have that conversation within ourselves.

The more we release the fear and judgement around our life’s.

And we end mental health because we react to each other with unconditional love and compassion.

Not the fear and aggression that the world is portraying us to react


Write down all fears

How will you like to tackle this

That way you know how your working at within your mind.


If your fear is off being ‘over whelmed’ replace it with acceptance that somebody cares and loves you. you may not be used to that yet because its not something you have experience in your life before, yet when you embrace that and react with unconditional love, compassion and thought in response about how you place your thoughts and the fear that they are only showing you. Then you get used to it and it isn’t a fear anymore its acceptance that someone loves you unconditionally and is only showing that to you.

Embrace that

When you express fear you receive it back, its the law off attraction, the energy your creating in thought or communication towards something.

When you react in thought and words with only fear you attract fear, when you replace fear with unconditional love you attract unconditional love and acceptance back to you.

#EverythingisEnergy. Energy comes from your thoughts, the way you project a thought about someone, the way you react to the thought your creating in words, the reaction you get back from the fear your creating is only fear, and someone sometimes saying snap out off it.. We are all human

We all have bad and good days, When you don’t accept this and react to it with fear your not embracing the love or giving out unconditional love to each other.

Why as humans do we keep preventing ourselves from reacting in ways off giving ourselves the love we are seeking. Because the fear based within us from a past reaction is replacing our thoughts and blocking our actions, our reactions. And creates no outcome for us.

Replace Fear with Love

Next time someone says to you they are having a bad day and aren’t coping very well mentally

Be conscious off how you portray this within your self.

Be conscious off how you can react to that person with love and compassion to show love and show you care and understand and to help ease there anxiety or stress.

Don’t portray onto them that there bad day is too much for you to deal with, because that’s just an excuse your making to them in your own words reacting with fear rather than giving that person the understanding love and compassion they need within that moment in time.

Why are so many people suffering mental traumas, stress anxiety?

Because we as society have forgot how to react to each other in Love and Compassion.

And make excuses hiding behind our own fears to keep reacting like sheep in fearful irresponsible selfish ways to people around us.

When we react in self doubt and judgement we then create the drama and voices in our head to react in that way towards people

When we react in a way off unconditional love and compassion at all times within our thoughts.

That’s what we create around us.

And is where the misalignment off mental health focus and mental health treatment is so outside of where it needs to be at.

At the end of the day when we react with love to people who have suffered trauma, we create more love for that person. We create a loving outcome for both people. We feel great we feel light we feel amazing. We feel empowered.

When we react with judgement fear or stress we create denseness, anxiety, trauma and only more off that with whoever we interact with.

As a world.

How conscious are we to the way we react to each other in general.

And to what effect does reacting in fear create circumstances for you which create no action or interaction for you?

Replace Fear with Love in the way you think and react to people and watch love come to you with abundance.

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