Oh My George’

Stress Guidance

Helping Signpost you to Stress and Mental Health Solutions and Healers with a holisitc approach.

‘Oh My George’

Mental Health Development

Contact me to help you develop and train your business to create a mentally healthy space for you and for your employees.

‘Oh My George’

Brand Development

George is a passionate Global Brand Developer and Expert

Helping you build the brand you want with Creativity and Position

Other projects

Brand Director – the7stepsstrategy.com

Content Management / Brand Ownership


Health Well Being Products, EnergyHealingHub, Others

Twitter – GediCreativeMinds The seed planted that started all of this off

‘Oh My George’ – A little about me . . .

As a ‘survivor’ of my own breakdown in 2007 around the time of the birth of my daughter. my relationships breaking down around me, loosing my jobs and ending up homeless.

I was lucky and always thankful for to have met Sarah, someone who recognised my problems and pointed me in the right direction to help me recognise myself again by helping support me by enrolling me in a life changing empowerment programme..

I didnt want to be a failed ‘dad’ and wanted to know constantly from then onwards what had happened to my brain, at that time why it had ‘shut down’ what had caused it to happen, and have from that point onwards whilst going through the struggles of lack of empowering systematic issues within support systems and homeless issues, constantly working upon myself learning about every aspect of coaching, and holistic methods, many tried and tested, and using personal development and holistic healing methods to help bring me back to me.

Whilst stress was the main factor to this and coping with my own issues and healing myself, i have with support been sat in the background giving my time freely to mental health development, being involved in peer to peer support discussions and social media consulting over the last 5+ more years with leading UK mental health providers and awareness campaigning to gain a good industry knowledge of the mental health industry.

‘Oh My George’ – Here to help De- Stress Your Day

Member of Professional Organisations



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks much for coming by my “Little Recovery Blog” and lets *SHARE* *HOPE* and AWARENESS about Mental Health Illness & Emotional Disorders together! Wonderful blog you have here! I’m a New Fan πŸ™‚
    God Bless,
    Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon πŸ™‚

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