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via #iDanielBlake – #Petition – #WCA assesment discriminates against Mental Health Service Users and breaches Equality


#iDanielBlake – #Petition – #WCA assesment discriminates against Mental Health Service Users and breaches Equality

Before I start here writing this blog, i will like to highlight that i am sure that many others are suffering similar consequences with regards to being discriminated against in work capability assesments by the DWP for benefit assesment purposes.

Click to follow the link & Sign the petition here –

I personally am a survivor(somehow) with my own mental health difficulties after a breakdown around 10years ago, and suffering homelessness and no security of housing onwards, aswell as no support by the systems in the UK that fail to provide stability for people which indirectly can lead to further mental health difficulties, such as providing housing, enough money for basic living such as enough to cover utilities around £40 per week minimum at this time  of year in a 1-2 bed house, and enough £ to buy basic groceries and eat, and if required an additional amount of support when a person maybe in requirement or using such support mechanisms that the government and organistations surrounding mental health are stretched to do so with the lack of £ or requirements to do so.

Considering we as humans prior to the industrial revolution people were allowed to settle where they liked ‘freely’ and use the land to live of and raise there own stock, livelihood & lived in small communities prior to that land being purchased by 1% of the UK i am sure that mental health issues were slightly different or people were maybe made out as witches or wizards, not much seems to have changed…

Why in 2016 should human beings and their basic life needs and mental health be supported by a case were people are being forced through assesment procedures that mark people on points basises and do not recognise how mental health can affect anyone on  a day to day basis and the support mechanisms that need to be in place for people with mental health difficulties to have that basic mental capability that they at least know they have the support for a roof over their heads, and are supported financially to eat and provide basic heat and hot water for themselves.


I question the dwp in the costs that are being wasted in pursuing people off dwp benefits within mental health categories, and the long term costs this will cost the UK government in physical and mental health costs.

The costs outweigh that of denying people the requirements that have been in place sustaining their mental and physical health and helping them become better as a part of peoples basic life support mechanisms being in place

The systems currently in place are further destroying people mentally not allowing them to become any better or to be able to empower themselves and are  deeming mental health service users people fit for work because they show intelligence.

Why should our human rights are be affected in an assesment and people be discriminated against by the assesment providers that are assesing them over a points basis that is proven already a failed system by ATOS is the past (CHDAUK is just a rename).

As service users when we come to argue this in assesment,  the assesments are being i feel deliberately classed as failed assesments instead of the recognitiion of the way in how a persons mental health may affect them when put in this sort of predicament in their lifes.

Why should we be ruled by ‘giving the right answer’ to get ‘points’ rather than being listened to as humans and ensured we are given the right support based on knowledge rather than excuses by assesors which arent looking to support us, only fail us.

It is never taken into consideration how a person may react to being jeapordised that basic life support systems are being threatened from them and support mechanisms they may have in place, even when this is backed by doctors evidence or a support workers evidence and local therapist evidence the teams doing the WCA assesments are classing these as failed assesments rather than recognising mental health issues and wasting more time arguing with the mental health user and forcing people back through assesment for no reason

(having peoples basic life support mechanisms stopped and asking for people to go through lengthy appeal procedures) when evidence has been provided from a doctor a support worker and qualified therapists.= Waste of money. Complaints made, complaints ignored, no recognition from chdauk or dwp teams just sheer ignorance to error, service user disctiminated against over phone, and via email in responses and more.

This goes on and on and on, a vicious circle of errors and what i personally feel we immediately need to address as a nation in the UK to ask the government to recognise the impact that the assesment criterias are having on peoples mental health in the uk, to recognise that the costs associated with the set up of chdauk(ATOS) and the targets they are setting on assesment providers to remove mental health service users from benefit entitlements they require that empower them. Will outstrip the costs that are required for further recovery of mental health and the costs associated to the physical health systems in association with long term mental health issues which debilitate service users.

I speak out as a voice, i ask for backing for the government to stand up and face up to the mess they are making because of points based systems which do not address mental health issues, nor in reality face physical health issues, when this is something that should be decided by a gp, a support worker, a therapist. Not by someone asking 40 questions which have no meaning or police style examining of mental health service users that do not address mental health issues in an individual in any way or how that may affect their daily life and capacities, or how points can determine if someone is fit for work, or support.

In reality its BS. The UN recently highlighted the way in which the UK system discriminated against disabled users.

Under the Equality Act 2010 the assesment procedure also discriminates against mental health disabilities. It is what i feel a programmed bunch of frightened people also to loose their own jobs incase they dont follow what is set out for them… Its funny I was once a civil servant also but not for the dwp yet i would never bow down to rules that disallow those who are genuinely in need of the support requirements they need to recover from mental health to follow a rule of bs points that do not qualify in my mind or law as descriptors that assess peoples mental health or physical health and requirements for them to determine upon peoples basic living needs.

The whole system is a mess, it breaches in equality against mental health service users, personally i feel discriminated by specific teams at CHDAUK in Leeds, and errors for what i would say 10years with regards to the recognition of my own support requirements. I stand for not wanting to see people suffer further from the failures that ATOS assesment procedures and government set targets to remove people from the benefit systems.

What are the government doing to support these people when they are removing theyre basic living requirements? What will the long term costs be if this is not addressed now and immediately within the UK government before Anarchy sets place in the UK by those who the government are leaving left for dead, or victimised by a system that discriminates and disempowers all service users that are going through the UK DWP systems with regards to getting the right support in place for the people in this country.

How can you ask people to work when the jobs arent being created? How can people be deemed fit for work based on points and doctors and support workers evidence being ignored by a questionnaire that seems to be law to deem people well or unwell?

How can the UK government continue to discriminate against tax payers who require the support mechanisms in place when they may have worked and paid tax into the system to pay for that support when they need it for them when they are not well enough because of previous failures to support them?

How can the UK government make an immediate change to make a stance to stop discriminating against its service users within a failing NHS system(how difficult to see your gp? 10mins?), how difficult to get support when the £ is not being spent in that area to provide this. What will the outlying costs cost the UK government when they get the fall out from this mess they are providing?

Take a stand to stop DWP assesments and goverment targets that are lining the pockets of the rich and screwing those who require support in the UK.

Please share this blog, shout it out loud, share in the mental health communities. I dont care I will whistleblow to stop mental health sufferers suffering further from a failing society around them. Im still surviving although my health has deteriorated because of it.

The amount of youtube videos around and evidence that is out there in the uk proving these failures, the amount of people who are suffering the same way, being debilitated from living and told to take a minimum wage that doesnt match the cost of living, or if they are to take that part time will be no better off from doing so and it is likely because of mental health conditions the working environment isnt suitable for them or is trained or aware enough to deal with what is a real issue in life?

The amount of years i personally have suffered because of failing systems around mental health sufferers and spent the last 10years understanding and studying about what happened to myself. The lack of provisions or recogntion or reality in local government. the idiocy of the aptitude to mental health. Factually 1 in 3.5 may suffer at any time with their mental health.

And yet when the buttons are pushed deliberately to far it comes to a point where this will become 1 in 1 if the UK systems keep discriminating against service users and the support requirements that it gives people to stop further mental health issues becoming longer term by destroying the support mechanisms that service users have in place.

This must stop.

Follow the Link below & Sign this petition to whistleblow on the government and DWP CHDAUK ATOS failures and discrimination against your situation and ensure that this changes immediately and we arent discriminated further as service users and as people surviving in this mess in the UK.






Check out how i as a service user can help your business become mentally healthy and procative to support mental health issues


After all why should we be stuck with a system that is failing us, when the UK government isnt creating what is possible for mental health service users or the society that surrounds it, its blaming a benefit deficit as a shortage to discriminate against service users, and crippling people further, rather than concentrating on getting the £ back they loose in tax fraud which would cost them less to pursue than harrasing the support mechanisms people require and strip from them from their basic life mechanisms which indirectly will cost the government billions in long term mental and the physical health care costs associated by longer term mental health sufferers.


Wake up UK, Only the other week the Portugese Prime Minister pointed out the impacts of mental health issues in Portugal now affecting upto 1 in 3 people and how to highlight and make a change to these figures.

Crippling peoples support mechanisms will cost more than putting the £ in and making sure people get the support they require to enable them to be in a fit mental state after trauma to recover enough and be stable enough within their lifes then question their capabilities for work in an appropriate way.


Sign this petition and stop the government crippling and supporting its people

10/11/2016 -Quick notes – Peace – Greed – Reality – Real Junk Food Project

Hi All,


I noticed that i hadnt written a blog in a while, so today i was brought back to wordpress to write a few thoughts from the top of my head.

The world it seems is turning in emotional confusion at the moment in time.

Brexit, Trump, Syria, Crisis everywhere. The question is why is this really happening???

Power – Greed – Control – £ – Oil – Hedgefunding.

We must remember here what we are creating for our next generations!

Why are we creating generation after generation that is destroying our resources to pollute our world and create so much waste.

Heres a simple thought for you all.

Are you aware that the majority of our rubbish goes to landfill sites?

Are you aware that every day Supermarkets are contributing to this?

Thankfully the Real Junk Food Project which when i get the time I will give them more of my time freely to support what they are doing, because they are at least taking away some of the waste that is fresh and being thrown to waste by our supermarkets every day.

What I see locally being given to a local warehouse is a ludicrous amount of waste, coming from 3-4 local major supermarkets which are also recognising that their waste contribution for landfill could be made to better use.

Recently I have seen fresh over stocked bread baked on the day from M&S/CO-OP some which has not even been out on the supermarket shelves or shop floor being wasted and thrown away…

What the guys at the real junk food project are doing is great, yet they are screaming for volunteers to support them ensure that this product is not wasted, and distrbuted to local community areas where its needed most, and pay as you feel cafes so that we are at least making some use of this waste.

Ive recently come back from a short break in Croatia for my own mental health and feel that we are so backwards for supporting our local communities when as well as the supermarkets out there, your able to buy fresh and as organic as it can be from people direct from their gardens or houses, yet try this in the UK there would be to much beauracrisy and health and safety issues to pass before you would get the opportunity to do so…

Anyway Help us all, we all need it, its now time that as a world we start supporting each other.

Stop wasting, renew our energy sources in better ways, stop being greedy, isolated and become a community of world leaders that will make a better change for people as a whole.

Id overheard an elderly gentleman the other day comment that a war wipes out the week and is a good cleanser in the world and helps bring down the population!

What is over population? Why do we need to isolate ourselves?

Before the Industrial revolution people in the UK were free to set up communal areas and live of the land before this was purchased by 1% of the population to be sold and force people into a world of fear fight or flight, depend on houses, £.

What is greed??? 1%

Have a great day. Hope you enjoy the thought processes.


Love and Light


PPS : Ignore typos spelling etc, I will sort all that out when i publish this as a more structured book ‘-)

Goodwood Festival Day 2 – A ‘Forgotten Voice’ – 29/07/2015 – Power of Intention – Law of Attraction

Goodwood Day 2 : -)

So Yesterday I made a few guesses at what would win / place at goodwood with the Intention of Forgotten Voice to Win, which yesterday if their had been another 1metre distance it would have, and i was very happy that it placed 2nd, my intention for the day was to have fun with this, i gained a little profit from my super heinz bet & thankfully £17.50 from the e/w bets & free bet from william hill yesterday from forgotten voice.

Point – My intention was positive, thankful, and thats what i achieved, i also use my gut feelings.

Heres the other results

2:00 – Forgotten Hero – I am – Intention Place or Win – Forgot where it was running and finished 8th

2.35 – Strong Challenge – Life is one – Intention Win – Shows that life is a challenge & the favourites dont always win placed last 8th

3.10 – Dutch Connection – I note i didnt write the intention in yesterdays blog, yet it placed 2nd @9/4

3.45 – Forgotten Voice – Intention Win/Place – Placed 2nd @16/1 beat narrowly by Blue Wave @20/1

4.20 – Lucky Beggar – Intention Place/Win – Wasnt that lucky 5th

4.55 – Goodwood Zodiac – Intention Win – Another poor favourite – 12th/14 runners

5.30 – Third Time Lucky – Intention Win. – 4th

So it proves that you cant use the LOA on horses, unless your intune with the universe to that an extent that you can speak with the horses on an individual physic level, which Im not sure i can do at this moment in my lifetime.

And yet, it does show that a positive outcome from whatever from your initial intention will bring you satisfaction, not dissapointment.

My end goal is a huge thing, i didnt expect to get all the winners yesterday to build our dream goal – healinghubs.

My intention was to get the £5 back i had put into the day & maybe a little more – I achieved that. So had no reason to be unhappy. Note its only around a fiver £5 because its for fun, and im not in a position to be throwing £ at this at the moment lol, i gamble to pass a little time, for a bit of fun & exitement, and to be happy when i get the winners, not to the extent where im putting £100’s onto horses, which there are others who are lucky and have good days with this, and im sure that they only get a good day when their intention is set out right to do so.

Tips – (Fun bets for todays meeting), which im using the change from yesterdays winning for.


2:00 – I fancy an outsider – Number 1 London – This has won for me before & because alot of most of the self development seminars i get to are mainly in London im putting this with the intention to place for today. NB: i’ve had this as a winner in ireland at 66/1 a few years ago for a little fun also 🙂

2:00 – Cheeky TRICAST – William Of Orange – See & Be Seen – Number One London

2.35 – Scottish – Because Im half scottish – Intention Place

3.10 – Gabrial – The sign of an Angel & I Love the Joe Goddard Tune(Gabriel) – Intention Place – Its always fun to put a couple of outsiders in to a bet – you never know what they can bring

3.45 – Field Of Vision – Life is about Vision – You get what you visualise – Place/Win

4.20 – Forgotten Wish – Half brother of Forgotten Voice – Why not – Intention Place

So today my intention is to get one or 2 of these outsiders at least to place & win a little more than the £5 I will be putting into this 🙂 Just for fun & to take a break between other things & pass the time of day.

It will be delightful yet if all will win, and i hit the jackpot & am able to build our dream life & help initially the people of greece

Help us build Healing Centres Here

What is your Intention for Today?

Goodwood Festival – A ‘Forgotten Voice’ – 28/07/2015 – Power of Intention – Law of Attraction

Something brings me back again to write today ‘A ‘Forgotten Voice’, a horse name, running at GoodWood Festival,  something around this time last year made me write something similar to this.

Something about the Law of Attraction, how your beliefs rule what will happen within your future. Although in some senses you cant always use this theory within horse racing,  and yet something is telling me that today A Forgotten Voice will be a winner.


It may not be within the winning of the horse today, and yet I am sure by now that it will more than likely be within the format from my writing, my creative mind, that at times tells me when to put to hane to keyboard.

It’s funny how because I’ve just read something from another Light Worker that I regularly receive emails from & share through my social media, and will like to share here also, because today my energy is feeling mixed, as if this Forgotten Voice is ready to shout out and say that I know also….


“Know That You Know”

     “Being in physical reality offers may opportunities to evolve and grow.  Each moment ripe with energy that offers a peak into one’s own consciousness.
     We speak to many who despite the awareness of their own internal knowledge, decide to question its validity.  All of you retain all of your experience no matter what realm or lifetime it involves.  Tucked neatly away in your soul is everything that you already know.  Of course the immediate recollection of experience is not on the tip of your current awareness.  It does not imply that it has been lost.  Merly placed aside so that current experience can be more vivid.
     There are instances where something will feel very familiar.  A fleeting thought that opens passages into your eternal experience.  Decide to let yourself sink into that moment.  Instead of dismissing the knowledge, decide to embrace it.  If something feels right, it usually is.  Let your soul help you regain the knowledge so that piece by piece it resonates in your current reality.
     Most of you ask us if what you’re feeling is true.  “Am I crazy or is this a truth?” is a common question.
    “Know that you know”is a mantra that should be embraced by all.  Embrace the feelings that come up in any circumstance.  If it feels like a deja vu, it probably is.
     You are multidimensional.  That is a fact.  Why not utilize the “feelings” here and now?  Attempt not to question your inner wisdom  that taps on your shoulder.  
     Perhaps you filed it away for this present moment.  Trust that you are listening to your higher power.  
     It will make the path through this experience so much easier. 
     Know that you know.
     Consider stopping the questioning of your higher perspective, while utilizing the knowledge for the betterment of all.”

with thanks to Veronica @InnerWhispers

So for all I hope that somehow this makes sense? Just the simple sense to trust yourself.

Anyway lets move back to the racing last year I picked out these few and explained why I had picked them, these are the names & results from the friday at Goodwood 31/7/2014

Rainbow Rock – Intention Place – Actual Result Place 2nd

Jungle Cat – Intention Place – Actual Result Place 3rd

Forgotten Voice – Intention Win – Feeling mixed – Lead pack till final furlong then fell back

Talent – Intention Win – Placed 4th by a head

Secret Hint – Intention ? – Inspired blog write – Finished 12th

George Cinq – Intention Place or Win – Place 3rd

Results from RacingPost website – with thanks


Last year I also wrote this

Lets come back to Forgotten Voice, what prompted me to write todays blog, a forgotten voice within me, and us all that sometimes takes the power of intention to make things materialise in life, the power of us visualising those things happen to programme our subconscious self (will power) to make things happen…’

Heres todays Intention at Goodwood – Im going to share this with the book makers now so that they will make this happen for me (hint hint) 🙂

2:00 – Forgotten Hero – I am – Intention Place or Win

2.35 – Strong Challenge – Life is one – Intention Win

3.10 – Dutch Connection – A discussion about the LOA i had with my friend Michalis(whos from Belgium) who manages the Aragorn Aparthotel in Moraitika, Corfu with his wonderful wife Eleni whos Greek & is my near enough Dutch (Belgium) Connection

Swallows takinga dip by the pool @ the Aragorn Hotel

Swallows takinga dip by the pool @ the Aragorn Hotel

(Aragorn Hotel – Well Worth staying at – Comfortable affordable apart hotel rooms overlooking the scenic bay of Moraitika & Messonghi Corfu) prompted me to choose this today – Intention to Win

Sunset @ Aragon Hotel

Sunset View

Aragorn Sea View

Sea View from The Aragorn Hotel

3.45 – FORGOTTEN VOICE – Intention WIN (whatever way this will be 🙂

4.20 – Lucky Beggar – Because I will be if these will all win 🙂 – Intention Place/Win

4.55 – Goodwood Zodiac – Because today is a sign of the stars – Intention Win

5.30 – Third Time Lucky – sometimes thats all it takes is persistence & to keep trying & your luck will come to you – Intention Win.

I’d like to thank william hill for a £5 free bet i’ve also had e/w on forgotten Voice today.

So if all these horses (WILL) win today – It will really enable us to make a difference to the world by building healing hubs around the world to help animals & people (long term intention) – To help the people in Greece initially.

Help this doggy help heal people - thankfully re homed to help heal

Help this doggy help heal people – thankfully re homed to help heal

So here is my intention to the Universe from the outcome from this blog.

Whats your Intention today? Whats your forgotten Voice saying to you?????


Im going to leave this at that for now, and lets come back to you at a later stage and see how my own intention works out with regards to this, I again will be happy if the small bet i’ve placed on this to pass the time on this wet rainy day in the UK, and at the least I will get back what I put into this, and maybe even more.


Another similar post I’ve been writing is about planting seeds.

If you plant a positive thought for any outcome in your mind for whatever you want to achieve in life (not through gambling), then you will more than likely achieve that outcome.

Where as to say if you plant a negative thought for any outcome in your mind for whatever you want to achieve in life, then this is what you will achieve – the negative outcome that you have implanted within your mind for the way that things work out for you.

Ok life isnt 100% perfect, and yet the lesson i hope your gaining from this is that ‘What you believe in. You will achieve in.’

You can help us make a difference Here


Plant a seed and watch it Grow – More Potatoes –

Plant your seed(s), and watch them grow…

Take ACTION on something and watch it Grow…

“Plant a seed and watch it grow”? – ……Potatoes dont need much help & prompt to re-plant there own seeds and multiply in there own growth…..

On Monday again I had a few more spare potatoes again in the bottom of the sack that were in the kitchen re-shooting and seeding themsleves, so I thought it was time to check up on the last lot that I’d put in, and RE-PLANT THESES NEW SEEDS –

Heres the outcome from the last lot


Fresh from the ground


“All washed & clean” mmmmmm

So thats the way you get your own organic potatoes!!!

Not bad I say : They went straight into the pan to boil & where delightful 🙂

Im already looking forward to the ones I’ve replanted in the same soil that these came from with the self sprouting ones at the bottom of the bag I re-planted them with. (round 6 I Think)

Ok OK, enough potatoes, and yet this is really about a different topic.

(Italicised text is qouted from previous post)

“Place a thought – something you will like to achieve – a crazy idea and make a start on it – see what happens?”

Without making that starting point your seed doesnt have the chance to grow – if its stuck in the back of our mind without actioning the seed then we dont give it the chance to grow –

The last post talked about doing a crazy drive in a ford Ka? It actually happened, not in a ford Ka, a PUMA ! And quite a PUMA it is, back here on British Soil after a round trip, a Huge Marketing exercise, a collapse in the greek economy, a drive around Europe, and the drive to make sure that the initial goal of that Seed will still happen. On that point in this instance Timing is the factor.

We Didnt Time for the Greek Economic Collapse – We didnt time or expect for an unexpected mosquito bite to cause health issues & an abssess, we didnt expect time to bring more kittens into our life here at home.

All combined brought us back here home to re-think our strategy and cover some of the costs associated that we had saved to do this.

So in this instance its about timing, yet the goal is still the same. We still plan to build healing centres, and at what a better time it may well be when the greek economy needs our help to rebuild itself, people need to rebuild themselves, their own despair, mental healths emotional crisises because of what is still happening right their right now.

It wasnt the Timing right then for us to ‘build’ we hadnt yet raised the £ to start that point, it was the time to market our idea, to see what was their, now our idea because of the economy in greece & Southern Europe has changed to a bigger picture GREEK CRISIS CAMPAIGN _ HEALING HUBS .

The point is if we didnt take this action The Journey – Part 1 we would not have learnt & done what we achieved, we would not have made the learnings we had to to make it work out, we would not have come home to 2 beautiful kittens, and yet again –

Raj & Taj SIngh (Known Emperor Ghost Tabby Kittens of India)

Now all we have to do is follow it through and stay present to our seeds, and commit nurture and make them happen and they will. The same as you have to do with a few old potatoes that have planted their own seeds, nurture them, stay ‘present’ to them and give them a lot of love and they will give you more back

We are asking the universe to assist us, we are planting our seeds so that they are shared with the universe so that a better effect will come of this world.

Be like a potato,

Continually re-plant your own seeds… Make sure that we will do so also with our minds, and yet make that within a positive impact to the world

Thankyou thankyou thankyou for the fresh organic hand grown potatoes I have eaten in the past and again in the last few days . Timing will predict the rest of our crazy journey – this is only.. really the beginning of our longest journey – Part 1

Again we ask for the universe & you to Please help us help others around the world – This is a long term goal to make a real long term difference to the Greek People & National & Local Economies.

WP_20150416_003 WP_20150510_041 WP_20150523_001


Cute Pug On The Beach 🙂

We will be thankful if you will like to help us – Please use the form to contact us below

Plant a seed and watch it Grow – Potatoes

Help Us Help the beloved strays in Corfu

Help Us Help the beloved strays in Corfu

Plant your seed(s), and watch them grow…

Take ACTION on something and watch it Grow…

“Plant a seed and watch it grow”? – ……Potatoes dont need much help & prompt to re-plant there own seeds and multiply in there own growth…..

After a month over xmas the spare potatoes again in the bottom of the sack that were in the kitchen re-shoot and seed themsleves, and now its warmed up a little the other day I dug them deep into the soil outside to watch them re-grow – Now I think the 5th lot of potatoes from the 1st that went in to the same patch of soil when I started writing the plant a seed section of the blog ..


So to say again that this is one now of many Seeds that I keep planting and watching grow and grow…

To write a little more on this subject, to plant a seed – How do we do this? Its the same as gardening.

Place a thought – something you will like to achieve – a crazy idea and make a start on it – see what happens?

Without making that starting point your seed doesnt have the chance to grow – if its stuck in the back of our mind without actioning the seed then we dont give it the chance to grow –

I’ve had quite a few more potatoes from the first lot when I started writing Plant a Seed part of the blog, I’ve written a few more blogs, I’ve expanded my work and life, I’ve more crazy ideas to write about that we are taking action on at this moment in time, like doing a crazy drive to corfu in a ford Ka and setting up a combined energy healing hub and animal therapy shelter, we have planted our seeds. Our Action is here  Now all we have to do is follow it through and stay present to our seeds, and commit nurture and make them happen and they will. The same as you have to do with a few old potatoes that have planted their own seeds, nurture them, stay ‘present’ to them and give them a lot of love and they will give you more back

We are asking the universe to assist us, we are planting our seeds so that they are shared with the universe so that a better effect will come of this world.

Be like a potato,

Continually re-plant your own seeds… Make sure that we will do so also with our minds, and yet make that within a positive impact to the world

Thankyou thankyou thankyou for the fresh organic hand grown potatoes I have eaten in the past 🙂 I’m looking forward to more just before we do our crazy road trip.

We will be thankful if you will like to help us – Please use the form below