Why ‘Oh My George’ ? – Talking Planting Seeds and Orchard Growing

‘Oh My George’ –  Talking Planting Seeds and Orchard Growing.

I admit i do love to plant my own seeds, im amazed this year that already have had one round of potatoes, beautiful fresh herbs to pick from my door, mint, rosemary, sage, lavender, dill.

Fresh chives and red onions ready to pop, and strawberries flowering ready to fruit and a beautiful small display of heavenly colour at my door from the seeds that I planted earlier in the year.

Im so happy to see my tomato plants growing well also with new green tomatoes appearing every other day.



Its beautiful to watch nature, and to watch things grow slowly each with their own character, fruits, flowers colour, spoke to them nurtured them.

Watched spiders on the leaves catching flies, slugs eating delicate leafs, and nature be part of life around me. Its so beautiful to watch the small things in life grow.


Sox my cat loves to sit on the window next to the heather plants.


So i bet your thinking, where does this relate to ‘Oh My George’ and why?

Well to start with it was a small seed that was planted with twitter years ago, a crazy idea prior in the mind at the back of it for a few years with a divine intention at the end of it all.

Started creating my plants, trees you could call them. My blog here, numerous Facebook pages, web pages etc.

Slowly watched the people and the fruits grow develop remain or go,  learnt how to nurture these fruits to attract the spiders and the flies to them.

Even to find some seeds that you had forgot about that needed nurturing, such as missing writing here on this blog to make sure i keep this plant nurtured. And the courgette plants that popped out of nowhere within the last week or so.

‘Oh My George’ Now i have a brand. Im like an orchard grower you could say.

Yet over the years learning’s have been made from practice and trial and error to watch this grow. To watch the fruits, and trees grow upon the seeds that were once planted.

It’s amazing what a seed can develop to.

Once upon ago there was a seed named GediCreativeMinds.

This now a huge orchard with many plants and fruits upon it catching spiders and flies.

What could happen if maybe you plant a seed for yourself?

Take action upon it, develop it. watch it grow.

Watch it build itself gradually being nurtured, creativity within itself moving it forward.

How about you learn from me maybe. Come take some time out with ‘Oh My George’ and discuss how to watch your create your own Orchard.

With its own Apples, Spiders, and flies, and cat or dog to run around it.

How can you help empower other people with your knowledge?


Think what nurturing yourself and watching yourself grow could build you. the dreams that you wish for, created by action.

Years ago someone pointed me in that direction.

Its now my time to point you in that direction…



Want to know how to Create an Online Orchard for yourself?

Get in touch


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Goodwood Festival Day 2 – A ‘Forgotten Voice’ – 29/07/2015 – Power of Intention – Law of Attraction

Goodwood Day 2 : -)

So Yesterday I made a few guesses at what would win / place at goodwood with the Intention of Forgotten Voice to Win, which yesterday if their had been another 1metre distance it would have, and i was very happy that it placed 2nd, my intention for the day was to have fun with this, i gained a little profit from my super heinz bet & thankfully £17.50 from the e/w bets & free bet from william hill yesterday from forgotten voice.

Point – My intention was positive, thankful, and thats what i achieved, i also use my gut feelings.

Heres the other results

2:00 – Forgotten Hero – I am – Intention Place or Win – Forgot where it was running and finished 8th

2.35 – Strong Challenge – Life is one – Intention Win – Shows that life is a challenge & the favourites dont always win placed last 8th

3.10 – Dutch Connection – I note i didnt write the intention in yesterdays blog, yet it placed 2nd @9/4

3.45 – Forgotten Voice – Intention Win/Place – Placed 2nd @16/1 beat narrowly by Blue Wave @20/1

4.20 – Lucky Beggar – Intention Place/Win – Wasnt that lucky 5th

4.55 – Goodwood Zodiac – Intention Win – Another poor favourite – 12th/14 runners

5.30 – Third Time Lucky – Intention Win. – 4th

So it proves that you cant use the LOA on horses, unless your intune with the universe to that an extent that you can speak with the horses on an individual physic level, which Im not sure i can do at this moment in my lifetime.

And yet, it does show that a positive outcome from whatever from your initial intention will bring you satisfaction, not dissapointment.

My end goal is a huge thing, i didnt expect to get all the winners yesterday to build our dream goal – healinghubs.

My intention was to get the £5 back i had put into the day & maybe a little more – I achieved that. So had no reason to be unhappy. Note its only around a fiver £5 because its for fun, and im not in a position to be throwing £ at this at the moment lol, i gamble to pass a little time, for a bit of fun & exitement, and to be happy when i get the winners, not to the extent where im putting £100’s onto horses, which there are others who are lucky and have good days with this, and im sure that they only get a good day when their intention is set out right to do so.

Tips – (Fun bets for todays meeting), which im using the change from yesterdays winning for.


2:00 – I fancy an outsider – Number 1 London – This has won for me before & because alot of most of the self development seminars i get to are mainly in London im putting this with the intention to place for today. NB: i’ve had this as a winner in ireland at 66/1 a few years ago for a little fun also 🙂

2:00 – Cheeky TRICAST – William Of Orange – See & Be Seen – Number One London

2.35 – Scottish – Because Im half scottish – Intention Place

3.10 – Gabrial – The sign of an Angel & I Love the Joe Goddard Tune(Gabriel) – Intention Place – Its always fun to put a couple of outsiders in to a bet – you never know what they can bring

3.45 – Field Of Vision – Life is about Vision – You get what you visualise – Place/Win

4.20 – Forgotten Wish – Half brother of Forgotten Voice – Why not – Intention Place

So today my intention is to get one or 2 of these outsiders at least to place & win a little more than the £5 I will be putting into this 🙂 Just for fun & to take a break between other things & pass the time of day.

It will be delightful yet if all will win, and i hit the jackpot & am able to build our dream life & help initially the people of greece

Help us build Healing Centres Here

What is your Intention for Today?

Goodwood Festival – A ‘Forgotten Voice’ – 28/07/2015 – Power of Intention – Law of Attraction

Something brings me back again to write today ‘A ‘Forgotten Voice’, a horse name, running at GoodWood Festival,  something around this time last year made me write something similar to this.

Something about the Law of Attraction, how your beliefs rule what will happen within your future. Although in some senses you cant always use this theory within horse racing,  and yet something is telling me that today A Forgotten Voice will be a winner.


It may not be within the winning of the horse today, and yet I am sure by now that it will more than likely be within the format from my writing, my creative mind, that at times tells me when to put to hane to keyboard.

It’s funny how because I’ve just read something from another Light Worker that I regularly receive emails from & share through my social media, and will like to share here also, because today my energy is feeling mixed, as if this Forgotten Voice is ready to shout out and say that I know also….


“Know That You Know”

     “Being in physical reality offers may opportunities to evolve and grow.  Each moment ripe with energy that offers a peak into one’s own consciousness.
     We speak to many who despite the awareness of their own internal knowledge, decide to question its validity.  All of you retain all of your experience no matter what realm or lifetime it involves.  Tucked neatly away in your soul is everything that you already know.  Of course the immediate recollection of experience is not on the tip of your current awareness.  It does not imply that it has been lost.  Merly placed aside so that current experience can be more vivid.
     There are instances where something will feel very familiar.  A fleeting thought that opens passages into your eternal experience.  Decide to let yourself sink into that moment.  Instead of dismissing the knowledge, decide to embrace it.  If something feels right, it usually is.  Let your soul help you regain the knowledge so that piece by piece it resonates in your current reality.
     Most of you ask us if what you’re feeling is true.  “Am I crazy or is this a truth?” is a common question.
    “Know that you know”is a mantra that should be embraced by all.  Embrace the feelings that come up in any circumstance.  If it feels like a deja vu, it probably is.
     You are multidimensional.  That is a fact.  Why not utilize the “feelings” here and now?  Attempt not to question your inner wisdom  that taps on your shoulder.  
     Perhaps you filed it away for this present moment.  Trust that you are listening to your higher power.  
     It will make the path through this experience so much easier. 
     Know that you know.
     Consider stopping the questioning of your higher perspective, while utilizing the knowledge for the betterment of all.”

with thanks to Veronica @InnerWhispers

So for all I hope that somehow this makes sense? Just the simple sense to trust yourself.

Anyway lets move back to the racing last year I picked out these few and explained why I had picked them, these are the names & results from the friday at Goodwood 31/7/2014

Rainbow Rock – Intention Place – Actual Result Place 2nd

Jungle Cat – Intention Place – Actual Result Place 3rd

Forgotten Voice – Intention Win – Feeling mixed – Lead pack till final furlong then fell back

Talent – Intention Win – Placed 4th by a head

Secret Hint – Intention ? – Inspired blog write – Finished 12th

George Cinq – Intention Place or Win – Place 3rd

Results from RacingPost website – with thanks


Last year I also wrote this

Lets come back to Forgotten Voice, what prompted me to write todays blog, a forgotten voice within me, and us all that sometimes takes the power of intention to make things materialise in life, the power of us visualising those things happen to programme our subconscious self (will power) to make things happen…’

Heres todays Intention at Goodwood – Im going to share this with the book makers now so that they will make this happen for me (hint hint) 🙂

2:00 – Forgotten Hero – I am – Intention Place or Win

2.35 – Strong Challenge – Life is one – Intention Win

3.10 – Dutch Connection – A discussion about the LOA i had with my friend Michalis(whos from Belgium) who manages the Aragorn Aparthotel in Moraitika, Corfu with his wonderful wife Eleni whos Greek & is my near enough Dutch (Belgium) Connection

Swallows takinga dip by the pool @ the Aragorn Hotel

Swallows takinga dip by the pool @ the Aragorn Hotel

(Aragorn Hotel – Well Worth staying at – Comfortable affordable apart hotel rooms overlooking the scenic bay of Moraitika & Messonghi Corfu) prompted me to choose this today – Intention to Win

Sunset @ Aragon Hotel

Sunset View

Aragorn Sea View

Sea View from The Aragorn Hotel

3.45 – FORGOTTEN VOICE – Intention WIN (whatever way this will be 🙂

4.20 – Lucky Beggar – Because I will be if these will all win 🙂 – Intention Place/Win

4.55 – Goodwood Zodiac – Because today is a sign of the stars – Intention Win

5.30 – Third Time Lucky – sometimes thats all it takes is persistence & to keep trying & your luck will come to you – Intention Win.

I’d like to thank william hill for a £5 free bet i’ve also had e/w on forgotten Voice today.

So if all these horses (WILL) win today – It will really enable us to make a difference to the world by building healing hubs around the world to help animals & people (long term intention) – To help the people in Greece initially.

Help this doggy help heal people - thankfully re homed to help heal

Help this doggy help heal people – thankfully re homed to help heal

So here is my intention to the Universe from the outcome from this blog.

Whats your Intention today? Whats your forgotten Voice saying to you?????


Im going to leave this at that for now, and lets come back to you at a later stage and see how my own intention works out with regards to this, I again will be happy if the small bet i’ve placed on this to pass the time on this wet rainy day in the UK, and at the least I will get back what I put into this, and maybe even more.


Another similar post I’ve been writing is about planting seeds.

If you plant a positive thought for any outcome in your mind for whatever you want to achieve in life (not through gambling), then you will more than likely achieve that outcome.

Where as to say if you plant a negative thought for any outcome in your mind for whatever you want to achieve in life, then this is what you will achieve – the negative outcome that you have implanted within your mind for the way that things work out for you.

Ok life isnt 100% perfect, and yet the lesson i hope your gaining from this is that ‘What you believe in. You will achieve in.’

You can help us make a difference Here