Why ‘Oh My George’ ? – Talking Planting Seeds and Orchard Growing

‘Oh My George’ –  Talking Planting Seeds and Orchard Growing.

I admit i do love to plant my own seeds, im amazed this year that already have had one round of potatoes, beautiful fresh herbs to pick from my door, mint, rosemary, sage, lavender, dill.

Fresh chives and red onions ready to pop, and strawberries flowering ready to fruit and a beautiful small display of heavenly colour at my door from the seeds that I planted earlier in the year.

Im so happy to see my tomato plants growing well also with new green tomatoes appearing every other day.



Its beautiful to watch nature, and to watch things grow slowly each with their own character, fruits, flowers colour, spoke to them nurtured them.

Watched spiders on the leaves catching flies, slugs eating delicate leafs, and nature be part of life around me. Its so beautiful to watch the small things in life grow.


Sox my cat loves to sit on the window next to the heather plants.


So i bet your thinking, where does this relate to ‘Oh My George’ and why?

Well to start with it was a small seed that was planted with twitter years ago, a crazy idea prior in the mind at the back of it for a few years with a divine intention at the end of it all.

Started creating my plants, trees you could call them. My blog here, numerous Facebook pages, web pages etc.

Slowly watched the people and the fruits grow develop remain or go,  learnt how to nurture these fruits to attract the spiders and the flies to them.

Even to find some seeds that you had forgot about that needed nurturing, such as missing writing here on this blog to make sure i keep this plant nurtured. And the courgette plants that popped out of nowhere within the last week or so.

‘Oh My George’ Now i have a brand. Im like an orchard grower you could say.

Yet over the years learning’s have been made from practice and trial and error to watch this grow. To watch the fruits, and trees grow upon the seeds that were once planted.

It’s amazing what a seed can develop to.

Once upon ago there was a seed named GediCreativeMinds.

This now a huge orchard with many plants and fruits upon it catching spiders and flies.

What could happen if maybe you plant a seed for yourself?

Take action upon it, develop it. watch it grow.

Watch it build itself gradually being nurtured, creativity within itself moving it forward.

How about you learn from me maybe. Come take some time out with ‘Oh My George’ and discuss how to watch your create your own Orchard.

With its own Apples, Spiders, and flies, and cat or dog to run around it.

How can you help empower other people with your knowledge?


Think what nurturing yourself and watching yourself grow could build you. the dreams that you wish for, created by action.

Years ago someone pointed me in that direction.

Its now my time to point you in that direction…



Want to know how to Create an Online Orchard for yourself?

Get in touch


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Thank you Love & Light


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Goodwood Festival – A ‘Forgotten Voice’ – 28/07/2015 – Power of Intention – Law of Attraction

Something brings me back again to write today ‘A ‘Forgotten Voice’, a horse name, running at GoodWood Festival,  something around this time last year made me write something similar to this.

Something about the Law of Attraction, how your beliefs rule what will happen within your future. Although in some senses you cant always use this theory within horse racing,  and yet something is telling me that today A Forgotten Voice will be a winner.


It may not be within the winning of the horse today, and yet I am sure by now that it will more than likely be within the format from my writing, my creative mind, that at times tells me when to put to hane to keyboard.

It’s funny how because I’ve just read something from another Light Worker that I regularly receive emails from & share through my social media, and will like to share here also, because today my energy is feeling mixed, as if this Forgotten Voice is ready to shout out and say that I know also….


“Know That You Know”

     “Being in physical reality offers may opportunities to evolve and grow.  Each moment ripe with energy that offers a peak into one’s own consciousness.
     We speak to many who despite the awareness of their own internal knowledge, decide to question its validity.  All of you retain all of your experience no matter what realm or lifetime it involves.  Tucked neatly away in your soul is everything that you already know.  Of course the immediate recollection of experience is not on the tip of your current awareness.  It does not imply that it has been lost.  Merly placed aside so that current experience can be more vivid.
     There are instances where something will feel very familiar.  A fleeting thought that opens passages into your eternal experience.  Decide to let yourself sink into that moment.  Instead of dismissing the knowledge, decide to embrace it.  If something feels right, it usually is.  Let your soul help you regain the knowledge so that piece by piece it resonates in your current reality.
     Most of you ask us if what you’re feeling is true.  “Am I crazy or is this a truth?” is a common question.
    “Know that you know”is a mantra that should be embraced by all.  Embrace the feelings that come up in any circumstance.  If it feels like a deja vu, it probably is.
     You are multidimensional.  That is a fact.  Why not utilize the “feelings” here and now?  Attempt not to question your inner wisdom  that taps on your shoulder.  
     Perhaps you filed it away for this present moment.  Trust that you are listening to your higher power.  
     It will make the path through this experience so much easier. 
     Know that you know.
     Consider stopping the questioning of your higher perspective, while utilizing the knowledge for the betterment of all.”

with thanks to Veronica @InnerWhispers

So for all I hope that somehow this makes sense? Just the simple sense to trust yourself.

Anyway lets move back to the racing last year I picked out these few and explained why I had picked them, these are the names & results from the friday at Goodwood 31/7/2014

Rainbow Rock – Intention Place – Actual Result Place 2nd

Jungle Cat – Intention Place – Actual Result Place 3rd

Forgotten Voice – Intention Win – Feeling mixed – Lead pack till final furlong then fell back

Talent – Intention Win – Placed 4th by a head

Secret Hint – Intention ? – Inspired blog write – Finished 12th

George Cinq – Intention Place or Win – Place 3rd

Results from RacingPost website – with thanks


Last year I also wrote this

Lets come back to Forgotten Voice, what prompted me to write todays blog, a forgotten voice within me, and us all that sometimes takes the power of intention to make things materialise in life, the power of us visualising those things happen to programme our subconscious self (will power) to make things happen…’

Heres todays Intention at Goodwood – Im going to share this with the book makers now so that they will make this happen for me (hint hint) 🙂

2:00 – Forgotten Hero – I am – Intention Place or Win

2.35 – Strong Challenge – Life is one – Intention Win

3.10 – Dutch Connection – A discussion about the LOA i had with my friend Michalis(whos from Belgium) who manages the Aragorn Aparthotel in Moraitika, Corfu with his wonderful wife Eleni whos Greek & is my near enough Dutch (Belgium) Connection

Swallows takinga dip by the pool @ the Aragorn Hotel

Swallows takinga dip by the pool @ the Aragorn Hotel

(Aragorn Hotel – Well Worth staying at – Comfortable affordable apart hotel rooms overlooking the scenic bay of Moraitika & Messonghi Corfu) prompted me to choose this today – Intention to Win

Sunset @ Aragon Hotel

Sunset View

Aragorn Sea View

Sea View from The Aragorn Hotel

3.45 – FORGOTTEN VOICE – Intention WIN (whatever way this will be 🙂

4.20 – Lucky Beggar – Because I will be if these will all win 🙂 – Intention Place/Win

4.55 – Goodwood Zodiac – Because today is a sign of the stars – Intention Win

5.30 – Third Time Lucky – sometimes thats all it takes is persistence & to keep trying & your luck will come to you – Intention Win.

I’d like to thank william hill for a £5 free bet i’ve also had e/w on forgotten Voice today.

So if all these horses (WILL) win today – It will really enable us to make a difference to the world by building healing hubs around the world to help animals & people (long term intention) – To help the people in Greece initially.

Help this doggy help heal people - thankfully re homed to help heal

Help this doggy help heal people – thankfully re homed to help heal

So here is my intention to the Universe from the outcome from this blog.

Whats your Intention today? Whats your forgotten Voice saying to you?????


Im going to leave this at that for now, and lets come back to you at a later stage and see how my own intention works out with regards to this, I again will be happy if the small bet i’ve placed on this to pass the time on this wet rainy day in the UK, and at the least I will get back what I put into this, and maybe even more.


Another similar post I’ve been writing is about planting seeds.

If you plant a positive thought for any outcome in your mind for whatever you want to achieve in life (not through gambling), then you will more than likely achieve that outcome.

Where as to say if you plant a negative thought for any outcome in your mind for whatever you want to achieve in life, then this is what you will achieve – the negative outcome that you have implanted within your mind for the way that things work out for you.

Ok life isnt 100% perfect, and yet the lesson i hope your gaining from this is that ‘What you believe in. You will achieve in.’

You can help us make a difference Here


Plant a seed and watch it Grow – More Potatoes –

Plant your seed(s), and watch them grow…

Take ACTION on something and watch it Grow…

“Plant a seed and watch it grow”? – ……Potatoes dont need much help & prompt to re-plant there own seeds and multiply in there own growth…..

On Monday again I had a few more spare potatoes again in the bottom of the sack that were in the kitchen re-shooting and seeding themsleves, so I thought it was time to check up on the last lot that I’d put in, and RE-PLANT THESES NEW SEEDS –

Heres the outcome from the last lot


Fresh from the ground


“All washed & clean” mmmmmm

So thats the way you get your own organic potatoes!!!

Not bad I say : They went straight into the pan to boil & where delightful 🙂

Im already looking forward to the ones I’ve replanted in the same soil that these came from with the self sprouting ones at the bottom of the bag I re-planted them with. (round 6 I Think)

Ok OK, enough potatoes, and yet this is really about a different topic.

(Italicised text is qouted from previous post)

“Place a thought – something you will like to achieve – a crazy idea and make a start on it – see what happens?”

Without making that starting point your seed doesnt have the chance to grow – if its stuck in the back of our mind without actioning the seed then we dont give it the chance to grow –

The last post talked about doing a crazy drive in a ford Ka? It actually happened, not in a ford Ka, a PUMA ! And quite a PUMA it is, back here on British Soil after a round trip, a Huge Marketing exercise, a collapse in the greek economy, a drive around Europe, and the drive to make sure that the initial goal of that Seed will still happen. On that point in this instance Timing is the factor.

We Didnt Time for the Greek Economic Collapse – We didnt time or expect for an unexpected mosquito bite to cause health issues & an abssess, we didnt expect time to bring more kittens into our life here at home.

All combined brought us back here home to re-think our strategy and cover some of the costs associated that we had saved to do this.

So in this instance its about timing, yet the goal is still the same. We still plan to build healing centres, and at what a better time it may well be when the greek economy needs our help to rebuild itself, people need to rebuild themselves, their own despair, mental healths emotional crisises because of what is still happening right their right now.

It wasnt the Timing right then for us to ‘build’ we hadnt yet raised the £ to start that point, it was the time to market our idea, to see what was their, now our idea because of the economy in greece & Southern Europe has changed to a bigger picture GREEK CRISIS CAMPAIGN _ HEALING HUBS .

The point is if we didnt take this action The Journey – Part 1 we would not have learnt & done what we achieved, we would not have made the learnings we had to to make it work out, we would not have come home to 2 beautiful kittens, and yet again –

Raj & Taj SIngh (Known Emperor Ghost Tabby Kittens of India)

Now all we have to do is follow it through and stay present to our seeds, and commit nurture and make them happen and they will. The same as you have to do with a few old potatoes that have planted their own seeds, nurture them, stay ‘present’ to them and give them a lot of love and they will give you more back

We are asking the universe to assist us, we are planting our seeds so that they are shared with the universe so that a better effect will come of this world.

Be like a potato,

Continually re-plant your own seeds… Make sure that we will do so also with our minds, and yet make that within a positive impact to the world

Thankyou thankyou thankyou for the fresh organic hand grown potatoes I have eaten in the past and again in the last few days . Timing will predict the rest of our crazy journey – this is only.. really the beginning of our longest journey – Part 1

Again we ask for the universe & you to Please help us help others around the world – This is a long term goal to make a real long term difference to the Greek People & National & Local Economies.

WP_20150416_003 WP_20150510_041 WP_20150523_001


Cute Pug On The Beach 🙂

We will be thankful if you will like to help us – Please use the form to contact us below

Removing Anger by Removing ‘IF’ from HAPPY

Funny I was lying in the bath taking relief from some hernia pain thinking how happy i was… Yes Happy.

It was then that Forgotten Voice told me again it was time to write about this and how ?

Removing IF from HAPPY enables you more Happiness.

Yes, you may be thinking wtf

I agree… So here we go about how to try and explain what I mean by this.

I’ve been watching the usual xmas films to pass time yesterday, and something within this also sparks what I mean by removing IF.

Yes it is very close to xmas and I imagine that many people(especially kids) will be thinking

‘I will be Happy IF I get the latest Leeds United Kit for Xmas( i will be happy to have this also’-)’

, …. so lets say on xmas day the said child receives the Leeds United Kit, he doesnt really care for the other gifts because he’s happy and he has his brand new Leeds United Kit. Their ‘IF’ has come true. The day is brilliant and they are full of joy and energy around everyone

So lets say the worst happens(lets hope not for Leeds United), and the child does not receive his Leeds United Kit, therefore they are unhappy because their ‘IF’ hasnt come true. The day is dreadful the day is horrible and they are dreadfull to everyone

(I hope your following this)…


Imagine that today we all say to oursleves that we will be happy in our lifes right this very second now ‘only ‘IF’ we have ‘£120,384,342.33’,

and IF we dont have this £120,384,342.33 we will choose to be unhappy in this moment right now, and continue to be so because our IF hasnt happened.

Imagine if (Self Talk otherwise known as- IR, ID, mind chatter, internal soap opera) is saying to ourselves that we choose to be unhappy all the time ‘IF’ we dont have/ do have this – or whatever else we have in our lifes.

Then what are we saying to ourselves all the time, when do we have chance to choose to be happy???

‘IF’ at all times our focus and self talk is putting a decision on why we are happy or not?


Ok I admit, we are only human and we all have emotions, yet in life, ‘IF’ we use ‘IF’ in our everyday dialogue (self talk) as a condition as to why we have something (any emotion) then that is all we are creating, a condition for ourselves to choose what our ‘IF’ condition chooses are our emotion to anything.

Eg: Im driving down the road – I see a man run in front of me and I have to brake

– I can make a choice – I can choose to be angry and unhappy annoyed because the guy ran in front of me because I chose to that condition that a man running in front of me would make me unhappy – The ‘IF’ condition – I choose to be angry and annoyed at everyone around me!

– Or I can just chose to be happy because the guy got safely over the road, it was no stress to brake, and im not annoyed and angry, im not generating that around anyone who may be with me or around me.


When we say to ourselfs – put a condition on how we should feel for no reason apart from an IF – How much time do we spend on this emotion or feeling towards this condition – How much time do we waste rather than just saying to yourself in all circumstances I AM HAPPY.


I am a little at discomfort because of my hernia, yet I am happy because I have warm water and am able to lie down and rest it when I need to… I am not unhappy because of the hernia- If I was choosing to be I would be applying more stress to myself for no reason, wasting my time on unhappiness because the IF statement got a grip of my emotions.


When there is NO ‘IF’ then it is just a case of ‘ I AM HAPPY’

or if you choose to want to be ‘I AM UNHAPPY’?

yet in this case where is the ‘IF’ and the reason of the ‘unhappy’ when you are HAPPY?


Anger & Unhappiness affects your health!


You can Difuse Anger and unhappiness by putting a condition of ‘love’ for everything what you have and have right in this moment in time within . Replace IF with LOVE

Be like Mr The Cat

Mr The Cat - Plush Toy Mindset

Mr The Cat – Happy whatever whenever

Be Happy whatever is happening at any moment in anytime, be thankful for what you have and more will come to you. Be happy and you spread happiness around you.


Try smiling at someone you pass in a public place say a train platform where people arent smiling rushing for a train and see how many people smile, and watch the smile spread.




It is xmas after all the time for sharing joy, giving happiness and peace.



Additional text 10/2/2015 –


So how was your xmas & new year?


did you remove the ‘if’ ?


I’ve just come accross this text within an email from that also talks about removing ‘if’


Check this out – with thanks to Veronica @Inner Whispers

Look For Outcomes That Will Expand You
     “In the life journey many choices design the path of your experience.  If one were to to question any individual soul while incarnate, the first answer would be a desire of well being and abundance.
     A feeling of abundance, however, is often elusive to most.  Searching for this balance outside of the self can be frustrating.
     “If I only had more money.”
      “If I only had a partner.”
     “If I only get this opportunity.”
     The “If factor” (The list goes on and on…) possibly can eliminate the ultimate goal or balance within, as the condition of “if” puts the power of creation outside the self.  Feeling the need of an additive can create havoc in the internal awareness of one’s energy
     Perhaps a more streamlined internal examination can create the atmosphere of choice in a more powerful way.
     Choose to create choices from a soulful perspective without any conditions.
     Look for outcomes that will expand your experience internally.
     Yes, your own energy can manifest quite well without all the “if’s”.
     Each day strengthens your thoughts to become the true creator of your reality.
     We realize that many will jump to the conclusion that outside influence is unavoidable.  Of course, if that is what you believe, so it shall  be.
     Why not attempt to stay focused internally to see what happens?  Decide to truly create from the canvas of your own energy.
     The probability of transforming outside “if’s” into internal sound creations does exist.  Simply decide to alter your perspective to do so.
     You are much more powerful than you currently know.
     Design choices calmly from within.
     As aspects of a higher perspective, you have the ability to design the journey.
     Know that  you can create whatever you want.  Not all of it is easy, but certainly it is complimentary to your evolution.
​     Attempt to eliminate the “if’s” and create from within.
     See what happens”


With Love











A ‘Forgotten Voice’ – 08/09/2014 13:33 – Power of Intention – Law of Attraction – Additional text

Update – I hadnt realised at the time when I wrote the forgotten voice 31/07/2014 that I had to much text for the blog –

Here is the additional text 🙂

(Again today a forgotten voice came back to me to take another look at my blog ) ‘-) Hope that you will enjoy – Please read


which is part 1 – – – – –

Missing text #mentalhealth #awareness #mindfulness #gedicreativeminds

I presume that forgotten voice was not set to win todays race – It was set for me for this to be a winning piece of writing, yes I need to go back and check all the typo’s because you are getting this in real time as such – Yet now Talent is running – I am going to watch it win, and show you how a forgotten voice is also a winning notion, a forwarding, a positive emotion in writing.

A word to reach out to those who are in a dark place within themselfs to shout out and say to the world that only by staying positivc that whatever happens in any moment in time, such as not what you expect to happen, such as talent not winning in this race in this second and moment in time, that from it I am not taking out the negatives, I am accepting it as it is. I am writing out to those who may be feeling negatives and the worst will happen and to say…. it’s simply not worth it… think the best… the best will happen…. These horses may not have won, yet I am grateful and happy for the fun they have given me in this moment in time, I am grateful that it has inspired me to write some more. I am happy that I have had little cost and that i already have that back because the 1st 2 placed.

I am happy and positive over the next 2 races that Secret hint will win, and that George Cinq will win, at the least place, and so what the point is that I am not here thinking the worst outcome, i am not creating that, i am not dissapointed by the outcome i got when it didnt go the way I wished it to… I am living in this second in time, sharing that with you….

Because – In my past life I always would think the worst, and it would happen to me in some way or another, i was surrounded by that so that my life destroyed itself and fell apart, and by only thinking the best, and most positive even when I am at my lowest or feeling down I feel better within myself because I am creating positive energy around me, I do not feel drained by a negative circumstance. I am not making myself ill by thinking in that mindset, making me feel stressed about everything that is going on around me… Yes things can p**s you of, yet if you take the best from the worst you always will find a positive aptitude in life.

If I hadnt I wouldnt be sharing this with you.

Some people can look at this article and pull it to peaces looking at the typos etc seeing only the negatives!

I am hoping that by reading this now you will find the positives within your lifes.

And in the meantime I will leave it to you to find out for yourself if Secret Hint & George Cinq will win, which is what this is about your Secret Hint to healing yourself with a positive outlook on life… We only live once.. Live it

P.S: Mr the Cat may be in Jungle Mindset, or Plush Toy Mindset at any moment in time, yet you shake a bag of cheese & onion crisps anywhere within 10 metres and his mindset is Mmmmmmmmmmm I love crisps ain’t life good 🙂






A ‘Forgotten Voice’ – 31/07/2014 13:33 – Power of Intention – Law of Attraction

So I start writing again, a voice from beneath tells me now it is time to do this.

A Forgotten Voice, a horse name running again today, took me back to a previous blog.

I will write this over the next hour or two, and see how the spirits are leading the horses with these names.  – My attraction for the following named horses to be winners today at the Goodwood festival.


Rainbow Rock – Because at the beach the other week with my fabulous girlfriend Anna at Runswick Bay, I collected more rocks. Many marbled and with different colours

Jungle Cat – Because Mr our Cat has spent the last few evenings in the hedgeback rather than the sofa proving to us that his behaviour is more than just a plush soft toy at times.

Forgotten Voice – It is written on my winners board – my positive attractions wall, again in blogs I have written. It attracted me to write this today.

Talent – I have it, I attract Talent, recognise Talent, and appreciate and work with Talent.

Secret Hint – It simply is, it hinted me to risk and place a bet the other day when I wasn’t going to which won me £100 from £3, it simply is a secret hint today to me to take this risk and place this bet. To attract these winners as I write about them.

George Cinq – My name is George.


In 15minutes the first will run,

My physcie tells me today that all will do well, I am feeling and thinking positive that this will happen. I am working with the law of attraction, whilst at the same time always somehow knowing in some sense always self doubting, which we as people often do to see and actually work with this power within us.

I will be very happy if all of these named horses place, I will be even more thankful and happy if they all will win… It will help me catch up and move forward with my £££££’s if they will all win today, and resolve alot of immediate issues within this circumstance and to help things around me move forward quicker, I am grateful for the chance to place small ££££’s for this opportunity to win something of a bigger value to help £££££ at this moment in time, to also be able to pass the time of day, and have fun in my time in doing so with this. To prevent my mind shutting down, as it had with writing, and in hence the forgotten voice is back.

I become frustrated at my wonderful girlfriend at times when she says things like ‘we will be poor’ by the end of the month, already self sabotaging yourself, and for life to be like that in that moment in time.

We are unable to predict what lies ahead of us, or in the past, yet I am prediciting in my own future in this moment in time and for the next hour or 2 for all these named horses to win, and for the feeling of this to happen within me, to argue with my own physcie how powerful the law of attraction really works, and why I am writing now to hopefully prove to you how strong keeping a positive frame of mind in life about everything around you, and that the best will happen because of this, and the thoughts that you project to the world program you to behave in that way that you are saying to yourself and the world things will happen….

To make full use of this I am working now with the law of attraction, am savingg and posting this part completed blog at 14:00 hours.


Rainbow Rock will run at 14:00 GMT and will win or place in the 1st race at goodwood. – Intention – Actual – Rainbow Rock – 2nd Placed

I will come back to write again after the race, and lets discuss how the outcome happened then 🙂 Be the law of attraction will work for me on this occasion 🙂

And Rainbow Rock placed 2nd, slightly hampered on the run up to the finish, yet thankyou – Proof that either I’m a good guess, or that the law of attraction does work. I had a positive vibration and feeling for this, on this note I am wondering where Mr The ‘Plush Toy Cat???’ atm Jungle Cat has gone…

Mr in ‘Plush Toy’ Mindset

Mr The Cat - Plush Toy Mindset

Mr The Cat – Plush Toy Mindset

Re-save blog / post and feel the vibration and positivity within self so that

Jungle Cat will run at 14:35 GMT and will wind or place at goodwood – Intention – Visualise – Actual -Jungle Cat 3rd – Placed

Probably Jungle Cat wasn’t feeling upto chasing a favourite in this race today, or maybe again i am just a good guess, and yet my intention was to win or place, and again this horse happily placed… Mr presently out in the hedge back surprisingly enough being a Jungle Cat.


Mr in Jungle Cat Mindset

Mr in Jungle Cat Mindset

Lets come back to Forgotten Voice, what prompted me to write todays blog, a forgotten voice within me, and us all that sometimes takes the power of intention to make things materialise in life, the power of us visualising those things happen to programme our subconscious self (will power) to make things happen…

If we are to say to ourselfs, or to that what you see in everyday life as whatever in that moment in time around you that their will be a bad outcome from what you are asking, then you self sabotage your mind, and subconsciously you are programming your intention for this to happen in life, If I had written that Jungle Cat, & rainbow rock would loose and not place this possibly would have been the outcome. . . In a crazy sense I am making effort to use this exercise in this present moment in time to show – how within your own internal thinking you can sabotage yourself from progressing with the best possible outcomes in each present moment within our lifes.

Ok – Not everything as per these horses can be predicted that things will happen… We aren’t our own gods, and in hindsight we are. We have the power within us all to make a positive outcome within our lifes, within our own internal thoughts, what we project about us around us, what we see within ourselfs… If we tell ourselfs that everything around us is going wrong that is what we programm ourselfs to do…

So far I have written with the outcome of a positive intention to horses and names,  So far this has happened… Why???


Because my own Forgotten Voice grabbed a hold within me, and programmed a positive outcome—

My Intention – Forgotten Voice WILL win – –

(for those with a negative mindset -the worst possible outcome it will place in the 3.10 @Goodwood) –

I have mixed the intention here – I feel this to win – Forgotten Voice jumped out at me this morning – It prompted me this morning –  It prompted the name of this blog Why???

Let us all see. – How strong is the power of intention & attraction – How well can you subconsiously give yourself a better outcome in all of your life with positive energy and thought? Oh hello Mr (Back to eat – from Jungle Cat mindset)


So you see – because i mixed the intention it backfired on me on this occasion – Forgotten Voice came from the back to lead and show its strength for a while – it then held itself up because it wasnt sure of the intention surrounding it – for it to win, place, and confused within itself it strolled over the last few lengths – So next time I will not put a ‘negative’ into the context of the writing….

And prove in essence that a positive outlook on everything brings the best posible outcomes 🙂

And this is why in the next race Talent WILL WIN …….



In the meantime here is some inspiration that i’ve just received …….

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Success isn’t something that you do on the outside, success is something that you are on the inside. The rest will follow. ~Chuck Danes

Expect your every need to be met. Expect the answer to every problem. Expect abundance on every level. ~Eileen Caddy

For the prosperous, it’s not about getting more stuff. It’s about having the freedom to make almost any decision you want. ~T. Harv Eker

You enhance your chances for success when you understand that your yearning power is more important than your earning power. ~Zig Ziglar

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. ~Thomas Edison

If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs. ~Dhirubhai Ambani

If you don’t value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talents. Value what you know & start charging for it. ~Kim Garst

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. ~Harriet Tubman

Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. ~Charles Swindoll

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. ~Jim Rohn


Discussion on Food Emotional Reaction – TimeToChange Event Leeds 8th Feb – TimeToTalk Day 6th Feb – London – Recommended Food – Dining Out – Travel – Ventures – Awakening – Energy – Sidra jafri – Mental Health


MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS – http://www.time-to-change.org.uk/




Sunday 19th January 2014 – EAT AT – HIGHLY Recommended – Oranaise, Hyde Park/ Woodhouse Corner, Leeds

Today I have eaten the most fantastic Moroccan Style cooking in a simple small restaurant at Hyde Park in Leeds.

My day started waking up after sleeping most off yesterday being quite sick, and being half asleep this morning to be turned around by food that in the simplest terms makes you ‘happy’.

Yesterday had been miserable and wet, so we were stuck in most the day, and to get this meal was inspired by a beautiful walk in the sunshine, and was a spur of the moment decision by my lovely ‘Meerkat’ energy healing love in my life.

To not feel sick and to have spend my time with my lovely positive energy healing girlfriend inspired me to write a little about the eating out and travelling that I have been doing over these last few weeks with my lovely ‘Meerkat’ and to talk a little about Energy,  how we are feeling, and how we represent that within ourselves internally at any moment in time.

How something as simple as a good meal at what we feel it is worth in price, our emotions towards that feeling off the meals worth and how that may change our own feelings at any moment in time…

Right now I am happy, because

1 –  It has been nice sunshine this afternoon.

2 – I have had a nice walk and seen wonderful people around me enjoying the weather.

3 – I have had a wonderful fresh cooked meal with fabulous service and good deserts and a beautiful coffee to go along with it.

4 – I have spent that time with someone who is beautiful caring, wonderful and works with the law off attraction with me

5 – I am no longer feeling so sick within myself.

—- What I was most happy about on this day is now I recognise gratitude and I am thankful for this today.

Todays thinkings

“In our internal thinkings we may also not be grateful, which chooses your thinking to be unhappy about an event, and make you feel internally ill within yourself.”

Saturday 11th January 2014 – Below Average – Raya Malaysian – Bayswater – London

Anyway food, Sidra Jafri where next??? Oh I remember.

We arrived at Kings Cross at 07:30ish. Sleepy from the train and grabbing a quick coffee from mcd’s, we take a beautiful morning walk in a diagonal sort of direction whilst to enjoy the morning Sunlight and wake up a little more.

Heading in the direction to register for the weekend Seminar at Kensington. Somehow we arrive at Tottenham Court Road, Take a quick time check, and take the tube over to Kensington High Street to Register.

Because we had previously attended the seminars and the day was beautiful, We had already decided to enjoy our day & the sites this morning.

It is always nice to take a walk around Hyde Park near the Palace and see the birds on the small lake. We take a few sandwiches and give them some breakfast, and hungry we make a form of sense of direction towards the South Bank, which is an area I hadn’t really visited before.

Where is that sandwich shop that we went to before???  circling around Gloucester road area we try to remember where we found that fabulous sandwich shop that we had been to before.

(after scouring google maps in the middle of writing this blog taking the roads where we had walked – I am positive this is Cafe Deco, on Gloucester Road)

Again we eat the most beautiful toasted ciabatta with mozzarella, chicken, bacon tomatoes & more. 1 sandwich is enough to feed 2 people, and yet we forgot about that because we knew that the coffee was nice and strong good to take away and the sandwiches are worth what you pay for them around £4-5 each.)

So again we were really happy because we had eaten beautiful food, which at this moment in time we were also feeling good about our day the sunshine, London was not to busy and overcrowded which it sometimes is, and we were relaxed and beginning to enjoy the day after an early wake up and train journey

(subnote : Remember thoughts on emotions and food, how simple things make us feel happy. So if i’m ever feeling a little crappy now about things i remember the good thoughts about that food, and soon I am happy again)

After a beautiful toasted sandwich, our stomachs full we head towards the city. Here’s a few pics of how beautiful the warm january Sun was that day, the sky clear.

Sat11022014 HOP Meerkatx1

By The River at Houses of Parliament Ms Meerkat

By the river at the Houses of Parlaiment

By the river at the Houses of Parliament Mr Munky

We had walked around the south bank, and we decide it’s time to go to the afternoon session of the seminar, so we head to bayswater quickly check into the hotel and head back towards Kensington.

Thank you again for :Another fantastic enlightening fun open spiritual awakened minded seminar afternoon from Sidra & her Team at the Tara.


Happy and full of questions about our thoughts emotions eft frequencies and more pdp info, we head back to the Hotel and get ready looking forward to the Malaysian Meal we had read up about in the hotel.

(quoted as one of the best in the Paddington area, we had the what  was a below average meal with a huge chef error by bringing out rice that had looked like it had been re heated in a microwave, and was like rubber!)

Served with a fabulous curry dish that was a little small in portion.

The soup that was the starter appeared & tasted  to be freshly boiled water with a stock cube added to it and poured over some cooked meat and fresh whole vegetables.

This may have just been because they had a party in, and yet the rice was no excuse. The service was polite and good and there was an apology from the waiting staff that they were having problems with the chef and fresher rice was brought to us.

To take the conversation back to mood, and how happy I was on Sunday to have eaten the most fabulous simplest freshest food in Leeds, and to compare how and because the meal at the malaysian was poor and average it definitely changed the mood off our emotional thinking at that time, and affected the way that we were feeling within, and changed our energy at that time in the area that we were in and was surrounding us.

Because we are a positive couple and have been so fortunate to have been partaking in a Personal Development Awakening Weekend with Sidra Jafri and her team that weekend, we soon shrugged the negative energy front from ourselves which was causing us to feel drained and tired out,  to find by pure accident getting slightly lost some beautiful night lit scenery around St Pauls Cathedral and views & pictures taken over millenium bridge and the river.

Magnificant Evening Views over the River

London Sat 11thFeb Mil Bridge towards Tower Bridge_2037408321_oLondon Sat 11thFeb Mil Bridge towards house of parl_2037408321_o

It had been such a wonderful, sharp, bright day that day, the daylight throughout the day was clean and strong, the evening so calm cool, and yet serene.

So we closed our day sleepy on the central line on our way back to the hotel, I stayed up watching the footy results, and my wonderful meerkat exhausted by our 5am start from leeds that day was fast asleep as soon as hitting the pillow.

Todays thinkings

“When we change our internal thinking process about an event such as the meal and the energy it took from us by being unhappy about it. We disband or move away from the negative energy and find something positive from a time in a day, our energy returns we feel better within ourselves because we are happier within ourselves, and we find gratitude in our time and place in our day”

Sunday 12th January 2014 – Highly recommended – The Muffin Man  Kensington  & Cafe Deco Gloucester Road, London

Today started cold, and being so hungry after having a lie in, we found the nearest half decent looking cafe in the area and ate a below average breakfast in a cafe on bayswater road.

And yet we were ok with that, because at that moment in time our emotional thinking was satisfied because we were hungry, Most important part of the breakfast was the coffee to wake us up, and the egg i sent back, because there was no excuse to send a broken fried egg when there were only 2 off us in the cafe.

Happy our stomachs full we walked from bayswater across hyde park to watch the many different birds at the lake, as we always do if we are in that area. Hyde park is a beautiful place to walk on any day to escape the busy streets, take your dog out, go for a cycle or a run, take in the magnificent buildings such as Kensington Palace and the Albert Hall, or simply kick a ball around or relax with a few beers with friends or family and talk to loads off interesting random strangers on any day. Sunny is nicer with a few beers I admit.

Today we were heading to the second day of Sidra Jafri, and her fabulous awakening weekends.

If you need to take your head for a talk this is the best space to do it. a combination of powerful coaching & personal development techniques, learning off our higher self, being, emotional freedom techniques and more.

I have been slightly disappointed for people to not take the positive benefits out off the weekend and seen people complaining writing negative comments about the FREE TIME that Sidra & her team give, and then to ask for a good fee, if anyone will like to join the team and further develop themselves.

To that effect what i say is you pay for your own development what you believe your self worth to be, and if anyone will be an angel and sponsor me to take on further advanced pdp work on myself with Sidra Jafri & her Team then this is certainly one team that I will like to work with myself further developing myself

Back to our stomachs emotions, food, and partly why I am writing this blog to encourage you to work on yourself when you may be at a loss in sense of direction with your life, be that work, your relationship, anything.

To want to know more about ‘what is possible’ then work on yourself.

6 years ago. I wouldn’t have even thought I’d be writing this blog and been inspired to do so if I hadn’t attended as many self development seminars as possible travelling to London in the cheapest possible way, understood more about personal emotions, psychology and met as many people working in that field which if they see you willing to work on yourself will help you work on you. Doing this whilst not working, going through homelessness at the time and more.

It has changed my whole mindset about life, possibilities, and everything. Allowed me to recognise my own Mental Health Anxiety issues, and helped me dealing with that.

Has stopped me from going backwards with my life, brought me to meet with fabulous people around the world, and to develop a sense of gratitude in life about everything.


Today because for a change we took in some sights most of the previous day, our intention was to see the rest of the day through with the 2nd day of the seminar, to feel at the end of the day and each session, completely stress free and full off energy because of the good people and energy we were surrounded by. The relaxing meditation, and full of further knowledge about how we can work with our emotional energy, more coaching & nlp tips/ techniques, and time given by Sidra Jafri & her team which is worth anybodies time, effort, and a weekend in London.

It was the afternoon break, and feeling in need of a little coffee we decided to pop into a little place around the corner from Kensington Tube which has kept intriguing us to be treated to the most delightful family run cafe.

THE MUFFIN MAN – PROBABLY THE BEST HOME MADE MUFFIN/ CAKE SHOP/ QUANT CAFE GOING !!!!! (so far that I have tasted!)   I ate a carrot cake, and Ms meerkat a muffin… Heaven on both plates, fabulous service, VERY WELL PRICED, good coffee. This place just shocked us… For under £15 for 2 people we had just eaten what an angel had sent us.

That simply how delicious the food was, our emotional state further uplifted by good food, service, the Awakening. So imagine how happy we are feeling.

So lets say that your feeling unhappy in any circumstance or situation. Simply take your thoughts back to a good feeling. How good do you feel when your thinking that way. See how happy feeling that way is. Put your state of mind back in a state of the happiness you are in when your feeling good.

Make sure that you will be at the Time To Change Event in Leeds on Sat 8th, and if you are unable to make your pledge online & support the #TimeToTalk Day on Feb 6th

Thankyou for your time in reading this, and I hope that these thoughts will help you at any moment in time if you may be in an unhappy state of mind.

With Love – George

Oh I forgot to tell you about the pidgeon that had travelled with us from Kensington on the way back to KX on the tube. It hopped off at Euston !!! Pidgeon Mafia !!! – And the fabulous Huge local LFC Chicken around the corner from KX which for £15 is enough for a hungry family of 4 🙂

Pidgeon hopping a ride on the Tube - Lazy - Pidgeon Mafia

Pidgeon hopping a ride on the Tube – Lazy – Pidgeon Mafia