Why ‘Oh My George’ ? – Talking Planting Seeds and Orchard Growing

‘Oh My George’ –  Talking Planting Seeds and Orchard Growing.

I admit i do love to plant my own seeds, im amazed this year that already have had one round of potatoes, beautiful fresh herbs to pick from my door, mint, rosemary, sage, lavender, dill.

Fresh chives and red onions ready to pop, and strawberries flowering ready to fruit and a beautiful small display of heavenly colour at my door from the seeds that I planted earlier in the year.

Im so happy to see my tomato plants growing well also with new green tomatoes appearing every other day.



Its beautiful to watch nature, and to watch things grow slowly each with their own character, fruits, flowers colour, spoke to them nurtured them.

Watched spiders on the leaves catching flies, slugs eating delicate leafs, and nature be part of life around me. Its so beautiful to watch the small things in life grow.


Sox my cat loves to sit on the window next to the heather plants.


So i bet your thinking, where does this relate to ‘Oh My George’ and why?

Well to start with it was a small seed that was planted with twitter years ago, a crazy idea prior in the mind at the back of it for a few years with a divine intention at the end of it all.

Started creating my plants, trees you could call them. My blog here, numerous Facebook pages, web pages etc.

Slowly watched the people and the fruits grow develop remain or go,  learnt how to nurture these fruits to attract the spiders and the flies to them.

Even to find some seeds that you had forgot about that needed nurturing, such as missing writing here on this blog to make sure i keep this plant nurtured. And the courgette plants that popped out of nowhere within the last week or so.

‘Oh My George’ Now i have a brand. Im like an orchard grower you could say.

Yet over the years learning’s have been made from practice and trial and error to watch this grow. To watch the fruits, and trees grow upon the seeds that were once planted.

It’s amazing what a seed can develop to.

Once upon ago there was a seed named GediCreativeMinds.

This now a huge orchard with many plants and fruits upon it catching spiders and flies.

What could happen if maybe you plant a seed for yourself?

Take action upon it, develop it. watch it grow.

Watch it build itself gradually being nurtured, creativity within itself moving it forward.

How about you learn from me maybe. Come take some time out with ‘Oh My George’ and discuss how to watch your create your own Orchard.

With its own Apples, Spiders, and flies, and cat or dog to run around it.

How can you help empower other people with your knowledge?


Think what nurturing yourself and watching yourself grow could build you. the dreams that you wish for, created by action.

Years ago someone pointed me in that direction.

Its now my time to point you in that direction…



Want to know how to Create an Online Orchard for yourself?

Get in touch


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Thank you Love & Light


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